Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day America

Wednesday 4th July 2012

Firstly, happy 4th July America!  I hope you have a fun day full of celebration and laughter.

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Well July has slipped in and taken over from June,  Nothing much has changed weather's still COLD and wet.  They keep promising us sunshine but all we get is a couple of hours of sun and then the clouds roll in threatening to dump more moisture on us. 

Last Saturday we went for a drive down to Milang.  It is a small town on the edge of Lake Alexandrina.   The River Murray flows through the lake on it's way out to the sea.  Geez, have they had some rain down that way!

Been a while since we have seen one of these petrol bowsers, 
last person that used this put in 74 and 1/10 cents worth of petrol

There was so much water laying on the edge of the road and in the paddocks.  Every couple of kilometres they had signs out warning "Water over road".  The area could do with a couple of weeks of sunshine to dry everything out.

I am in training for when the Olympics start.  I have been sitting up each night watching the Tour de France.  Maybe by the time the Olympics come around I will be too exhausted to sit up each night to watch them as this race goes for three weeks.  How are these riders going to cope.....once they have finished the Tour most of them are going on to the Olympics to compete there. 

This year we have 12 Australians riding in the race.  I don't know what it is about a bicycle race but I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I think once you begin to understand the tactics the teams use it begins to make much more sense.  Also the countryside that they ride through is amazing.

Last night they rode through the countryside of  Normandy and the limestone cliffs were truly stunning.  I love all the little bits of information that they give about the various Chateaus and Churches.  It's mind blowing as to how old some of them are.  Some have been built way back in the 1100 and 1200's.   Over the years they have had to renovate them due to wars and such but they still look grand.

                           Photos taken from Tour de France website

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