Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday Tori!

Wednesday 11th July, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday Tori!!  Where have the years gone?  

You have gone from this......

To this...... 

Tori, my wish for you on you birthday is that you find a life overflowing with love, laughter and happiness and may all your dreams that you hold for the future be fulfilled.

I know, that at the moment there are a few difficulties in your life.  I pray that you can work through these and everything will be OK in the end.  

Always know that Tony and I are here for you, our door is open 24/7  if you feel the need to talk and that we will always love you no matter what.

This afternoon I picked up Katie as Tori was having a birthday dinner with her family and friends.  It was being held at the Southern Hotel, Gawler.

After getting Katie we went on through town and met Tony.  The night ended up being a great night.  Tori was happy to catch up with some friends that she had not seen in ages.

Once home, it was time for the Tour De France, so I stayed up and watched that.  I have my doubts about Cadel Evans winning it again, but there are still 10 days to go and anything can happen.


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