Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rollin' On The River

Saturday 2nd June, 2012

Last Christmas Jodi and Troy gave us a voucher for a 3 hour lunch cruise aboard a paddle steamer in Murray Bridge.  Rick and Dianne were also given one.

Earlier in the year we had asked Robyn and Bob if they would like to go on the cruise with us.  When we looked at booking it, cruises were booked weeks in advance and so we didn't think any more about it.  While at Rick's place over Easter he happened to mention these vouchers and in the week to follow went on the net and was able to book us in for the 2nd June.

This morning we went and picked up Rick and Dianne and travelled up the freeway to Murray Bridge.  When we reached the wharf on the River Murray at Murray Bridge I was shocked to see what we would be going on.  I didn't expect to be going on this.......

Anyway I did.  We went aboard and the captain explained a few safety regulations that we needed to know.  I was surprised that there were no life jackets on board.  We were told that our meal for the day would be a choice of fish in a white sauce or sweet and sour chicken with rice and for dessert, apple crumble or bread and butter pudding.

We left the wharf and travelled upstream, or was it downstream.  I don't know, anyway we went towards Mannum.  It's surprising how quickly the time went, but as for fun.....nah not really. 

Cruising on the river in either a houseboat, dinghy, speedboat or paddle steamer is not my idea of a good time.  3 hours to me seemed forever but it was surprising how quickly the time passed.

Our meal wasn't served until we were nearly halfway through the cruise.  Glad I wasn't paying for it.  I chose the sweet and sour chicken as did Tony and Dianne, Rick had the fish.  I know I could cook a better dish at home.

It was served with the rice, plus half a potato, pumpkin and potato bake, mashed up beans and some cabbage with ham.  The vegies were all cold, the chicken just warm.  As for the dessert that was cold as well but tasted better than the mains.

These cruises are mainly got by buying vouchers. If you have no voucher then the cost of one of these cruises is $98 per couple.  No drinks are included in this price, we had to pay extra for them including tea and coffee.  You could have a glass of water for free.

Now for that price where is the value?  Definitely not in the food!  The cruise itself was alright.  We saw many houseboats moored on the river edge and I was surprised at the number of shacks built on the river bank.   We did get to see where the founder of Domino's Pizza has his shack. 

It passed a Saturday afternoon.  On the drive back to Adelaide we discussed whether we would go again.  I said I would give it another go just to see what was on the menu.   The feeling was unanimous.

We called into Hahndorf on the way home and had a little wander.  I had to go and order some more Supre for Robyn and also needed some more smelly oils.

When we got into Adelaide we headed down to Glenelg and then to Henley Beach.  We were all coffee-ed out but thought we could have at least one more.  We went to Evida and ended up sharing a pizza and having coffee and cake.  A nice way to end a pleasant day.

Now I'm off to check out and see what vouchers are available for another cruise.   

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