Thursday, June 14, 2012

It Ended Up Being A Fizzer

Thursday 14th June, 2012

All day on the radio yesterday we had been hearing about this storm that was going to 'hit' Adelaide late last night.  It was due to come in around midnight and go through to the early hours of the morning with the winds abating during today.

"Expect winds around 105 kmh with the Hills fairing worse than down on the plains" was the message from the Weather Bureau.  They advised people to put away any items that could be blown around in the wind, put cars undercover and definitely don't park under trees.

The SES (State Emergency Services) were put on standby.  Apparently this storm was coming from the west and had caused considerable damage to Perth and country areas in West Australia, though they did say that the wind may not be as strong as what Perth had endured.

This morning when we woke we expected Adelaide and the Hills to have suffered some major damage. Instead there was none.  The storm that was predicted fizzled out to nothing.  Adelaide had some winds up to 60kmh while in the Hills they had winds up to 80 kmh.   We also had around 10 mil of rain and some lightning.

I am so happy that the predicted storm didn't eventuate, but we are hearing more and more frequently of these things happening but then they become non events.  We either hear we'll get strong damaging winds or we are going to have a  major downpour.

With all the modern technology available to the weather bureau wouldn't it be nice if they could get it right just once.  Then again people, especially the farmers, would have nothing to talk about.


  1. So good to hear that the storm passed by uneventfully. Just don't let your guard down. And stay safe. The worst one I've been through was back in the 50's and it was a very wet hurricane. Cellar was completely flooded and the water level came up several inches inside the house. As a teenager, it was a bit exciting; but as an adult, I would not want to have to go through it again.

    Stay safe and have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Edna B.

    1. Back in 1974 Christmas Eve/Day we were in Cyclone Tracy, that destroyed the city of Darwin, Australia's worst natural disaster to that time. That is something I would NEVER like to live through again.

      Our house was totally destroyed and all we came out with were the clothes , or I should say nightwear, that we were wearing.

      Even today I HATE the noise that the wind makes.

      I hope you had an enjoyable day/might at work.

      Hugs, Judy

  2. Aquascrap, the weather forecasters do get it right most of the time. It's just that we only remember the misses. Yes, I'm married to a meteorologist so it's an issue that hits close to home.

    He too was in Cyclone Tracy and remembers the glass of all the louvre windows smashing and their roof blowing off. The rest of the house (in Parap) remained and is still there today.

    1. We really do love the weather forecasters and yes I agree they do get it right most of the time. If they didn't stuff up occasionally that would only leave politics to discuss....right?

      His family were lucky. We lived in Moil and nothing was left only the dividing wall from the carport to the laundry. Our floorboards also disappeared. A terrible night that's hard to believe it was some 37 years ago, yet seems like only a few years.