Thursday, June 7, 2012

If It Works Then Let It Be

Thursday 7th June, 2012

I am so pissed off!!!  Why is it that when something works perfectly well, someone comes along and feels the need to change it.

I am talking about Blogger.  Grrrrrr what have they done???  I logged in earlier in the week and got totally lost.  I am not the most computer literate person.  I work my way around a computer in my own way.  Tony cringes when he sees me do things on the computer, he tries to show me a better way to do something, but I usually end up going back to my way as I am  more comfortable with the way I do it.

Now I find I can't post any photos.  I can upload them into the draft but when I hit publish they disappear.  Not happy!!!

Do people that work with these companies have to justify their position within the company and so that's why they come up with these hair brained ideas.  They say it is to make our blogging experience more enjoyable.  Huh, enjoyable, more frustrating would be the term I would use.

Oh well, I'll keep persevering.  If I can't fathom it out maybe I'll look at Wordpress or one of the other blogging sites.

Just an update on the car.....went into town to meet Tony and on the way to picking up our car we got a phone call.  "Sorry, your car is not ready.  We didn't get the battery until late this afternoon and now we have had a message from Mazda saying not to go ahead and change the battery, instead they want more testing done".  WHAAAAAAATTTT!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it! I knew it!  I knew it wouldn't be ready today.  They said it maybe ready Friday but I'm betting on next week.
Seeing we were so close to the car yard we called in to see them.  I honestly don't know what is going on.  My gut feeling is that we are being fed BS.

This weekend is also a long weekend, we have got Katie and we wanted to go places.  If we don't get our car it looks as if we'll be staying in the city. 

Nice one Mazda!


  1. Sorry to hear that Mazda and Blogger have been stuffing you about.

    Blogger have made a few changes this year that have made it really difficult for me to format things properly. What looks OK in draft looks all gappy and terrible when published.

    I possess the IT skills of a deflated cowpat, so if I can't figure it out by fairly basic means, I'm stuffed.

  2. Gosh ladies, I feel right at home here!! I used to think that I was pretty smart, but technology and Blogger have taught me a different thing or two. It feels good to know that I am not alone. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.