Saturday, June 30, 2012

I May Be Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Saturday 30th June, 2012

I may be barking up the wrong tree but for what it's worth I'm going to put in my two cents worth.  These past two weeks all the talk has been about the "illegal boat people" coming from Indonesia and the unfortunate sinking of two boats and loss of life near Christmas Island.

I don't know where I stand on this subject.........I think I'm sitting on the fence.  My heart says let them into the country but my head says no, there are too many people now who are struggling just to survive in this country.   The government always seem to be able to find money to help out these illegal immigrants but when it comes to looking after their own, suddenly they don't have the funds.  Many rumours are out there as to how much it costs for these "illegals", but no-one from the government is prepared to come out and tell us how much they are actually given.

I believe that the governments of Indonesia and Malaysia should put a stop to these "asylum seekers" coming into their countries.  If they weren't allowed in they wouldn't be able to then pay untold amounts of money to these boat captains to pay for their passage to Australia.  I don't believe that they are all refugees either.  Can someone explain to me that if they are fleeing from their country for whatever reason, why then, can they go back to their homeland and visit family and friends once they have have been given permanent visas in this country? 

As of tomorrow we are going to be paying a Carbon Tax due to this so called climate change.  The government have given the pensioners money to compensate them for having to pay this tax but today we hear that it is nowhere near enough.  What with the rising cost of electricity, gas and water plus food costs you wonder as to how these low income earners survive.  

One air conditioning company has said that if your air conditioner needs regassing today it will cost you around $300, tomorrow the cost suddenly rises to around $1200.  That's just for an air conditioner, god knows what it is going to cost if you need gas in your fridge or car air conditioner.  This is just one example of the extra cost due to this Carbon Tax that was given earlier today.

Charities are even finding it hard to help the needy.  They are finding that it's not just the jobless, homeless or pensioners who are going to them for help.  People who have jobs and are trying to provide for their families are finding that they cannot keep up with the cost of living are also seeking help from charities.  People are not donating to charities like they used to.  No-one has spare cash any more.

Unfortunately wages do not go up 18% like the current price increase for electricity.  No wonder there has been a major increase in the number of people having their power disconnected.  Maybe it's the price we pay for having governments privatise the utilities.  All I can say is thank goodness we had solar panels installed.  Our electricity bill for this quarter is $64.

Once Australia used to be known as the "lucky country".  I'm afraid that tag is fast diminishing.  Yeah, maybe we do have it better than other countries in some things, but there is a widening divide between "the haves " and "the have nots".

Where will it end?  Time will tell and even though the Liberals say they will abolish this Carbon Tax if they are elected to govern, I wonder if they will, especially if it becomes a cash cow for the government.

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  1. Yeah, for speaking your mind. We are so over burdened here with supporting so many illegals, while at the same time we cannot take care of our own citizens. Personally, I think our government needs to start taking care of us before the rest of the world. I'm not against helping other people. I'm against starving and freezing our own citizens to give to others, especially illegals. I'm against changing all our labels to read in several other languages. I'm against giving illegals free medical, free education, free housing, driver licenses, voting privileges, etc. So many of our own citizens don't have and cannot afford many of these things. I am especially saddened by the way people come here to live and then start taking away our God, our pride, our holidays and customs and replacing them with theirs. Why did they come here if they don't like our ways?

    Sorry 'bout that. Some things make me really chatty. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.