Monday, June 18, 2012

I Get My Sunday And Monday Nights Back

Monday 18th June, 2012

Up to 3.5 million people tuned in to see the the finale of Australia's "The Voice" tonight.  This show has captured everyone's imagination with the fantastic talent that has been on show since this show began.  Each week the ratings have been phenomenal.

The four finalists all deserved to be there.  Karise Eden from Team Seal, Darren Percival from Team Keith Urban, Rachael Leahcar from Team Delta Goodrem and Sarah DeBono from Team Joel Madden.  Tonight each artist performed with their coach.  What wonderful performances!  I especially liked Rachael and Delta who performed "The Prayer".
Finalists L to R:  Rachael, Darren, Karise and Sarah

Team Coaches L to R: Seal, Keith, Delta and Joel

The eventual winner was Karise Eden.  As Seal said of her, "she is Australia's new queen of soul".  She was not particularly my favourite but you still had to admire her voice, at times it was magical.  A lot of people compared her voice to Adele or Janis Joplin.  Each week she would top the downloads at ITunes for her performances.

Last night was also the finale of another of my favourite shows, "Dancing with The Stars".  The winner of that show was Johnny Ruffo.  He was a hot favourite with all the teenagers.  Admittedly he might not have been the most technical dancer but he had so much charm.  

The other two finalists were Zoe Cramond, an actress in "Packed to the Rafters" and Danielle Spencer, a singer songwriter and also married to Russsell Crowe. 

Johnny Ruffo

Johnny and his dancing partner Luda Kroitor

The winner

With my two favourite shows finished for another year I now have to find something else to watch.  I'm not into cooking shows (Master Chef) or watching teams renovate houses (The Block).  

Maybe I'll just take a break for a few weeks, the Olympics are coming up towards the end of July, Wimbledon starts next Monday and then there is the Tour de France.  Yep, I've got plenty to watch over the coming weeks.

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  1. I watch Dancing With The Stars once in a while. My favorite are Project Runway (coming back shortly) and Top Chef, Worst Cooks In America, and most other fashion design shows.

    But you're right, there will be plenty to watch over the summer. Suits is interesting, and it is starting up again now.

    You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.