Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back To School

Wednesday 20th June, 2012

Today Tony and I were invited to Katie's school to watch her do a power point presentation in relation to her life, her dreams, her heroes, and things she likes and doesn't like.  Her whole class have been learning Power Point on the computers.

I picked Tony up from work on the way through and he was lucky enough to be given the rest of the day off.  Apart from Katie we also saw 7 other students present their presentation.  Next Wednesday the rest of her class present theirs to their respective families.

It was interesting to see their perspective on life.  Some made us laugh, others we really wondered about.  Katie had listed, among others, Tony and I as her heroes.  One of her dreams was to become a famous dancer and travel the world, but then in things she doesn't like she said how she didn't like dancing in front of people.  She wanted to see a cure for cancer and also for there to be no bullying.

Katie's school was built back in the 1960's and when I walked into it it was like going back to my days at school.  The buildings were very similar to what I remember and built out of the same materials.  The inside of the classrooms were totally different though.  Today they have a lot of mixed classes, as in Year 5 and 6 together.

After the presentation was finished we went with Kahra and Darrin and Kerrie and her daughter Ella, to the Noarlunga Shopping Centre to have some lunch.  Ella, who is 3, was so funny.  I kept calling it dinner and she kept correcting me saying "No, this is lunch".  She loves Nursery Rhymes and one she wanted Kahra to do was "This little Piggy".   

Kahra was doing it to her on her fingers, "This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home".  "That's not right," said Ella.  
"Yes it is", said Kahra.  
"No", said Ella. "It's this little piggy went to market, This little piggy went too".  Too cute!!!
Miss Ella

Soon it was time for Katie to be picked up from school, so Tony and I headed off  home and to go and do some grocery shopping and banking.  

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