Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Great Win For Black Caviar

Sunday 24th June, 2012

This morning we woke up bleary eyed.  All I wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep but I couldn't as I was going to attend a card making class this morning.  While having breakfast Katie rang and asked if she could come and spend the day with us.  

Last night we sat up and watched Black Caviar win her 22nd consecutive race from Royal Ascot in England.  Our hearts were in our mouths when we saw the finish not knowing whether she had won or not, it was that close.  It soon became apparent that she had won by a (in horses talk) "nose".

I think being bleary eyed is going to be the norm for me when the Olympics are on.  By the end of them I will be a walking zombie.  

Yesterday we called into Port Adelaide on our way to Strathalbyn.   The Port had been yarn bombed in some areas. This seems to be the in thing, I remember Hahndorf did something similar last year.

We drove down towards McLaren Vale and then headed to Meadows.  There was a lot of water laying around in the fields, all the dams looked filled to capacity and the little streams had water gushing through them.  A lot of rain has fallen in this area over the last few days.  While there we had a browse in a couple of the Antique shops (I saw a couple of items that I would like) and of course coffee.

When I was ready to go to my card making class Tony dropped me off and went on to pick Katie up and then came back to wait for me.  While waiting they got to watch the basketball, there were plenty of games going on in the Recreation centre.  When I was finished we went and had some lunch and did some browsing in the shops.

I can't believe how much these trees have grown.  The Playford Council has got quite a few growing in their area.  These are outside the Council Chambers.  They are the Baobab tree or more commonly known as the bottle tree.

We headed back into the city and to the playground until it was time to take Katie to meet Kahra.  She was due to come and stay this coming weekend, but said she won't now as she saw us today but will come in 4 weeks when we go to Disney on Ice.  

Beyblades..... a new twist on the old fashioned spinning discs

I wonder if she will hold out till then.

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  1. Oh wow, gorgeous photos! I love the rainbow. What a fabulous view of it. I've never seen a bottle tree, so I thank you for sharing the photos of it. Here's hoping the rain lets up for a while and you get to dry out a bit. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.