Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waste Of A Day

Tuesday 15th May, 2012

At the moment we are not happy with the Service Department of City Mazda.  This morning I had to drop the car off once again for them to look at the iStop.  They told me it should be ready to pick around 3.00pm.

After having done that I walked down to the tram stop opposite the Entertainment Centre and caught the tram into the city.   I went off and had a coffee, deposited some money into the CPS Credit Union and Tony rang me to arrange for us to have lunch together.   He said he would free in about 15 minutes.

We met up and had lunch, and then I had a wander down Rundle Mall.  They were announcing the Police Officer of the Year award, it went to a female officer, Caroline Bristow, and I watched and listened to the SA Police Dixieland Band for awhile.  I then made my way further down the Mall.

I came across two young buskers, the little boy would have been no more than 10 or 11 years old and his 'assistant', a girl would have been around 8 years old.  At the time I wondered why they weren't in school.  The boy is some kind of magician and escape artist.  He did his act and at the end he asked the audience to put some money into his hat. 

He kept saying that when we went to work we got paid, well this was his job and this was the way he got 'paid'.   He also wanted to get enough money so that next year he could go on "Australia's Got Talent".  If he classed that as his job I wonder whether in fact he does go to school.  The parents of these children didn't seem to be hovering around.

Around 2.45pm I went and caught the tram back to the Entertainment Centre and then walked back to City Mazda.  I didn't have to wait for Tony this time as he had a meeting at 4.15pm.  When I got back to City Mazda I had to wait for the car.  Finally the Service Manager came out to tell me that the battery appears to be the problem (we had already been told that last week when the car was there), but before Mazda are prepared to put in a new battery, the car has to go back, stay overnight and have the battery charged for a minimum of 6 hours.

On Saturday morning when we rang and wanted to take the car in then, they told us that they needed to do other explorative work to find out why the battery wasn't charging.  Well today I don't believe they did anything to the car other than have the battery on charge.  All of the instruments seemed to be working normally, whereas when the battery has been out of the car we have had to reset some of them.

So now the car is booked in for Monday 4th June to leave it overnight.  This time something had better be done.  I made it quite clear today to the Service Manager that we weren't happy.  I can understand his reasoning, their hands are tied by Mazda, as being a warranty job they are told what to do by Mazda.

Don't get me wrong.  We LOVE the car!  I just felt that my whole day was wasted.  Tony rang me around 5.15pm , when his meeting finished.  I picked him up, went off and had some dinner, did some shopping and then home.  Tonight I don't feel as tired as I did last week.

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