Monday, May 7, 2012

Same Ol', Same Ol'

Monday 7th April, 2012

This past week hasn't been very eventful.  Nothing much has been going on in our lives, same ol' same ol'.

typical of the skies over Adealide this past week

On Saturday Tony had to go into work.  He left home around 6am and didn't get back home until nearly 10.30pm.  It was decided to have a building shutdown as the electricians had planned to go in and replace the electricity meters with smart meters.  While the power was out it was thought that would be a good time to check out everything else in the building.

These days buildings have to be "green".  Buildings are given a star rating as to how "green" they are and this is supposed to attact prospective tennants.  To qualify for a "green" rating a building has to use low wattage lights, duo flush toilets, energy saving heating and cooling and a lot of other things.  It seems to be the 'in' thing.

Still, by the time Tony got home on Saturday night he was exhausted.  He said it wasn't from working too hard, it was more from not having anything to do, he just had to supervise and make sure things went smoothly.   He said that when he left the electricians still hadn't finished the meters.

On Sunday we went to Robyn and Bob's place as Robyn had bought some new light fittings.  She wanted Tony to put them up.   He is a qualified "A" class electrician.  She had bought 2 for their bedroom and one for the entrance hall.  The lights she wanted to replace were a bit 'old fashioned'.

The old lights Tony replaced

After having done that we sat around chatting and in no time at all it was close to dinner time.  We all ended up going to the pub for dinner......Roseworthy.......again.

This morning I had to take the car back to where we bought it from.  The Istop and the automatic window had stopped working.  I dropped the car off around 9.15am and instead of catching a bus back into the city I walked down to the Entertainment Centre and caught the tram.  It took me about 20 minutes.

While there I bought tickets for us all to go to Disney on Ice.  Robyn and Bob want to go this year as well.  The show isn't on until July but there weren't too many good seats left.   As I needed a block of 5 seats, that made it harder to get good seats also.

I caught the tram into the city.  My original plans were to catch the bus and go to the Marion Shopping Centre.  Once I got into the city I couldn't be bothered going on to Marion.  I did some shopping and met Tony for lunch.  He left work early, we caught the tram back to the Entertainment Centre and walked to City Mazda to pick up the car.  It was all good with the car.

On the way home we did some shopping, had dinner and came home.  I flopped in the chair, watched my now favourite TV show, The Voice,  and only moved when it was time to go bed.  Totally exhausted I was.

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