Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Blast From Antarctica

Thursday 24th May, 2012

The weather has turned for the worse.  Yesterday morning we had high winds and some country areas had dust storms.  In the afternoon came the rain and a dramatic drop in temperature.  Today, the forecast is for rain and a high of 13 degrees C.

I rang Robyn last night to see if they had got home safely.  They had.  She said that they went back to Port Vincent on Monday and again on Tuesday and had caught themselves around three dozen mullet.  They don't eat them, she said that they have a reddish tinge to the meat and are a different flavour to other fish.  Instead Bob puts them in the deep freeze to use in the crabbing nets.

Dianne and I are going out for lunch and a bit of shopping later.  We ended up going to Tea Tree Plaza.  We had lunch at Billy Baxters and then did some shopping.  Dianne had to get a birthday present for her granddaughter, Phoebe.  I also was able to get her something. 

My original plan was to put some money in a birthday card for her and let Megan (her mum) buy her something that she needs.  Apparently she loves drawing and making things.  She will be 4 next Wednesday, and so I bought her some drawing books, stencils and story books.  Most things that we looked at, suitable for her age, Dianne said that she already had.

We went off and had coffee and were just sitting around chatting when suddenly it was 5.oo pm.   Where did that time go?  I rang Tony and told him that seeing we were still at the Plaza, he may as well get off the bus there.  We waited for him to arrive and then went and dropped Dianne home.

It was close to 6.00pm by then and so we came home for a toilet stop, got the water bottles and then went into town to fill them up.  On the way we stopped at Ray's Outdoors to look at jackets (found nothing suitable) and decided that we may as well have dinner out, even though we had left over casserole at home.  That will be good for tomorrow night.

We ended up going to Fellini's in North Adelaide.  Seeing the weather was awful outside it was surprising how busy they were.  We had to wait quite awhile for our meal but it was worth the wait.  Tony had Chicken Asparagus and I had Veal Saltimbocca with garlic mash.

By the time we got home it was nearly 10.00pm.  Too late to do or start anything so it was early to bed for us.

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