Sunday, May 13, 2012

Black Caviar Returns For A Happy 21st

Sunday 13th May, 2012

Yesterday Morphetville Racecourse was once again crowded with some 30,000 racehorse fans to see Black Caviar run and try and win her 21st race.

She did, quite effortlessly.  Now the trainer is taking her to England to see how she competes against some of the English and European horses.  There is no other horse in Australia that can compete with her at the moment.

On Friday the weather forecast for Saturday didn't look too promising, showers and a maximum of around 16 degrees. In actual fact the day was quite pleasant, no showers, cloudy with long sunny breaks and quite mild.

On Friday night Tony and I went out for some dinner and on the way home he noticed that the iStop wasn't working on the car.  Yesterday morning we rang the car dealer to see if we could take the car in and have them replace the battery. 

When the car was in on Monday they told us that the battery was the problem.  No, they said, they had to investigate other avenues first and to bring the car back on Tuesday.  Another waste of a day it looks like for me!

We ended up going to the Village and while there ran into Rick and Dianne.  We went and had coffee and a chat with them.  Tony and I then headed over to the Plaza as we had some mending that needed to be dropped off.  While there we did a bit of browsing.

Last night we decided to go to the movies.  LOL  I had to laugh.  As we were driving out I said to Tony,  "Ooohh I'm going on a date".  "Huh!", he replies.  I looked at him and said "We're going out on a date, you are taking me to the movies."  The penny dropped.   Duh!!!

I then said to him that we should go parking after the movie, just like we used to do in the old days.  His reply, "Where can we go these days, everywhere we used to go is now filled in with housing".  "We'll find somewhere new, " I said.  We didn't, like responsible people we came straight home after the movie.

We went and saw Marvel, The Avengers.  Not my kind of movie.  I found it boring and coudn't follow the story line.  I even had a nanna nap during it.  Tony said after it finished that he didn't like it either.  The only good thing about it was Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor.  He is an Australian actor who used to be in one of our soapies, Home and Away.  I used to like him in that.

Today is Mother's Day.   Happy Mother's Day to all the mum's.  I personally don't celebrate Mother's Day.  To me it is too commercialised and I feel that we should tell them that we love them and do something special for them on other days, not just on one day of the year.

Yesterday while at the Plaza we saw husbands and fathers with their kids buying their wives and mothers gifts for today.  As we walked past one guy buying some perfume I questioned as to whether he did it any other day of the year, and if not, why couldn't he do it at other times.  I got a stony faced look.  Obviously not.

I most probably feel this way because when our son was young, he was into soccer and as it was played on a Sunday morning, it was up early and out the door. We did that for 13 years.  I  never had the luxury of a sleep in back then.  Now Tony will bring me breakfast in bed if I want it on any  weekend and we buy each other gifts any old time.  No waiting around for birthdays and Christmas for us...........hehehehe.

This afternoon we took a drive up to the Barossa Valley.  We went up through Lyndoch, had a look at Jacob's Creek, turned off at Bethany, up Menglers Hill and came to Angaston.  We stopped at a nice coffee shop, Blond Coffee, and had some lunch.  On the way home we came back through Nuriootpa and along the highway. 

The Valley was looking great.  The leaves on the vines had turned orange and brown and yellow, with still lots of green and so had the deciduous trees.  During our drive it was raining on and off and that gave a wintry feel to the countryside.  There's something that I love about driving in the hills while it's raining!

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