Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still No Gardening Done

Sunday 22nd April, 2012

I was awake and out of bed a lot earlier this morning than yesterday morning.  It was my turn to let Tony have a sleep in. 

We didn't venture out into the garden was much too windy.  Tony said that we would only be chasing our tails if we did go out and do anything.  Lucky for us Wednesday is Anzac Day, and a public holiday, and so he said we will definitely do the gardening then.  Hmmmmm I wonder!!!!

Tony has always wanted a remote control plane or helicopter and when I met him at the shops last Thursday, a stall selling them had been set up in the mall.   He ended up getting himself one.  He tried it out in the lounge room but it is much too big to really fly in there so this afternoon he had a go outside but it was way too windy.

Yesterday while at the Home Show they had these same helicopters for sale there, but had some that had a camera attached to them.  Tony was very interested in them. 

So guess what?  We ended up going back there so Tony could get himself one.  They only had one left and so the guy took $50 off the price.  Needless to say Tony was happy. 

He's like a little kid, he can't wait to try it out and it was still fairly windy late this afternoon, plus the battery didn't have any charge in it.  The guy told him that the camera was pretty good, so good in fact that you can even take a still from it.  We shall wait and see!

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  1. Boys and their toys! I am telling you-they never grow up! My hubby also has a remote control helicopter and he loves to "play" with it. I long as I can scrapbook that's okay! ha ha. Thanks for popping in yesterday!