Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Practical Jokes Here

Sunday 1st April, 2012

Crikey! a quarter of the year has gone already.  Where has that time gone?  And next week it is Easter!  This year is whizzing by too fast for my liking, soon it will be Christmas once again.

Tony finished his first week of work with the new Company on Friday and said he enjoyed his week.  They even asked him if he was going to come back on Monday......hahaha.

Friday afternoon I picked up Katie and then we went into the city to check out Tony's new building.  She said she liked it better than his old one. 

We went off to have a look at the new Nespresso store that had opened up in Rundle Mall.  It was  crowded, I didn't know so many people had the Nespresso coffee machines.

It's good that I will be able to buy the capsules straight from them and not over the internet.  Katie asked again if we could go and have icecream and so we went down to Largs and then to Vili's for something to eat.  Nothing like eating dessert before

When we got home Katie wanted to watch Titanic.    Thinking she wouldn't go the distance, she proved me wrong.  It was after 1am when we went to bed.

On Saturday Tony went for a haircut and Katie wanted hers trimmed too.  I managed to get her into my hairdressers and after we had that done we went back into the city.  I had bought these coffee capsules the night before and the coffee was so nice I wanted some more.  They were a limited edition so I got another 4 packs.

We went and had a wander in the Veale Gardens.  Katie enjoyed smelling the roses and picking the colours she liked the most.  She wanted to take some home.  Some of them she threw into the pond and watched them float along.  The ducks thought she was giving them food.

When she had enough of the gardens we went off to Glenelg and the Beachhouse.    This time I bought a power hour for her.  It cost $35 and she had unlimited rides, golf, and arcade games for 70 minutes.  Tony was happy, he got 2 rides on the bumper cars for free.

When the Katester was finished we went off and had Chinese for dinner.  Yum! Yum!  Then it was off to Cibo's for coffee and a hot choccie for Katie.  Whenever we go for coffee and she has a hot chocolate, she rates them.  It's usually wherever we are, theirs are the best ever, though she has rated some places with a zero.  Lucky for us, Cibo's was the best.

On the way home we drove back through the city,   Saturday night was Earth Hour.  Tony's building was in complete darkness, it had been organised before Tony started with them.  Not too many office blocks do Earth Hour, even Parliament House was lit up.  You would think that most of the other government office buildings would set the example.

Daylight saving ended at 2.00am on Sunday morning.   I was looking forward to having a sleep in.  Yeah right!  6.40am I was wide awake and so I thought I may as well get up. 

When Katie finally woke up her first thing to say was "What are we doing today Nanna?" 
"What do you want to do?" I asked
"Ummm," she said, "because it's Sunday my head is thinking to go swimming".
"Well, I think your head needs a good shake" I told her.
She shakes her head.  "It's still saying swimming." she said.
"Shake it again, really hard this time." I told her.
She does.  "This time it's saying can we go to the St Kilda playground?"  "OK" I said. 
She was happy and so ran off to tell Poppa what we were doing today.

Firstly I needed to go and do some grocery shopping.  I never got to do any on Friday.  We brought the shopping back home and then went out to St Kilda.  Many other people had the same idea.  People were everywhere.

Katie enjoyed herself on the slides, swings, flying fox and the other play equipment that they have.  This year is the 30th anniversary of the St Kilda playground.  Wow! we remember taking Andrew out there and so we would have gone when the place was still fairly new.

We left there around 4.00pm as we were meeting Kahra at Harbourtown at 5.15pm.  She asked to call into Largs on the way for another icecream. Katie will be back with us again this Friday.

While driving home it dawned on me that today was April Fool's Day.  Just as well Katie didn't realise it or else she would have wanted to play a practical joke on us.   

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