Friday, April 20, 2012

Living In Paradise

Friday 20th April, 2012

How can anyone not LOVE living in Adelaide!  I know I do!  This past week we have had the most awesome weather.  Every day we have had temperatures ranging from 28 -30C and so I have taken the opportunity of enjoying these days while this gorgeous weather lasts.  In a few weeks it will be Winter.

This weekend and for the next few days they are forecasting showers.  I'm not going to complain as the garden needs the water.  I didn't realise just how neglected our poor garden is, especially the backyard.  We will definitely have to get out in it over the weekend.

I also caught up on weeks of ironing.......lucky we have lots of clothes.  I had to buy a new iron as my old one kept throwing the power out.  We bought the new one while Tony wasn't working and I've only just got around to using it.  Ironing isn't one of my favourite chores.

I do it because I would never go out with wrinkled and creased clothes like you see people do these days.  I don't go to the extremes like my mother used to do, ironing the sheets, towels, underwear and such.  I do iron the pillow slips and tea towels though.

When Katie comes for the weekend her clothes are stuffed into a bag and they are so creased I won't let her wear them. 
That is why I keep some clothes here for her, so then I can wash and iron them.

She gets quite cross with me sometimes, but I have to teach her to have some pride in the way she looks when she goes out.  She is slowly coming around to my way of thinking. 

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