Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sunday 29th April, 2012

Robyn had booked to go to the Old Hahndorf Inn for lunch today for her birthday.  On the last Sunday of each month they turn the Inn into a Hofbrauhaus.

They have the same smorgasboard lunch as they normally do, but today also included a Pig on the Spit and a huge Bombe Alaska.  There was a 2 piece band playing (normally there are 3 guys but one was on holidays) and they had us believing that we were in some Inn in Munich, Germany. 

I hadn't said too much about it to Katie beforehand, but she loved it.  Now she wants to have her birthday lunch there.  She got up and waltzed with Aunty Robyn and Poppa, did the Birdie dance and Twist.  She was totally shocked when they brought out the pig, she had never seen anything like that before.  She said it was 'sad' to see the poor pig on a stick.

She saw the guys getting their beers in a stein and asked if she could have her drink in one.  Imagine her surprise when Tony came back with her drink, she was over the moon.

Around 2.00pm she was getting restless.  After all her 'dancing' she complained of being hot and wanted to go swimming. She wanted to show Robyn and Bob her diving.  I told her that seeing it was Aunty Robyn's birthday she had to ask her.  "Oooh I'm too scared", she said.  She finally told them what she wanted to do, it was fine with them and so back to town we went.

Firstly we had to stop off and buy a towel for her.  She had her bathers, but no towel.  We ended up at the Adelaide Aquatic centre.  She had fun in the water, diving off the boards......showing off.  We were there for just over an hour and then it was time to drop her off.

We got back home around 6.30pm, Robyn and Bob left.  It was a most enjoyable day.  I'd like to go back and enjoy some more of the Hofbrauhaus another day.

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