Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Sunday 8th April, 2012

Happy Aussie Easter!!

Yesterday afternoon we went to see Titanic 3D.  It was good to see the movie on the big screen once again but as far as 3D went, it was disappointing.  In parts it was OK but I think it would have been better to have remade it in 3D.  I was waiting for the water to 'drown' us and it didn't happen.

After the movie we went out to Robyn and Bob's and then off to the Roseworthy Hotel for dinner with them. We had to go to Two Wells for our dessert pizza after.  Katie didn't particularly like the pizza, which was unusual as we had the Ferraro Roche.

On the way home we saw a bucket lying by the side of the road.  Katie got quite excited thinking that it may have been left there by Easter Bunny.  "Keep your eyes open Nanna, we may see him", she said.

Then she came out with, "I don't care what the other kids say about Easter Bunny, I know that he is real,  because Nanna you have proved it so many times". Oh dear! what have I started?

Needless to say we didn't see the Easter Bunny and so she went off to bed soon after we got home.  Around 10 to 4 she woke me up asking, "I wonder if the Easter Bunny has come".  "Well, why don't you have a look", I said. 

She got up, turned on the light and a huge smile came over her face when she saw some eggs lying in the passage.  The carrot had been nibbled on, grass was on the carpet and a package had been left in her room.

I didn't want her going outside as Tony had set the alarm for around 6.30 so that he could go and hide some eggs in the garden.  She was happy, and because it was still dark she wondered as to whether he would have left some eggs outside.  Back to bed we both went.

In the morning she was up and straight to the kitchen window.  "Yes Nanna he has left some eggs outside.  Now I know why he dropped those eggs by the laundry.  It was because he was going out to the backyard."
She quickly went in to wake Poppa.

She was very happy with what the Easter Bunny had left her. 

Later in the morning we went over to Jodi's.  There were more eggs for her there. 

After we left Jodi's we went out to Elizabeth.  Carnival rides had been set up on the parklands, and when we saw them last night as we were going out to Gawler, she asked if she could go and have some rides.

Her favourite ride, The Magic Carpet, wasn't operating until later in the day and so she was a bit disappointed with that.  Still she had a few rides on the Chair O Plane, the Bouncy Castle and the Water Balls.  We left there and went over to Rick and Diannes. 

They had rung earlier and asked us over.  I thought by going out to Elizabeth first, Katie would leave us in peace while visiting otherwise all we would hear is "When are we going to the rides, I want to go to the rides".  Luckily she had Taylor to play with.

Around 4.15pm we left Rick's as we had to go home, collect Katies things and go and drop her off.  Darrin was there to meet us. 

By the time we got home all I wanted to do was collapse into a chair and just stay there.  Easter for us is over for another year.  Tomorrow, Easter Monday, we will stay home and chill out.

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