Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Friday 6th April, 2012

When we woke this morning it seemed to be a really nice day outside.  By mid morning the weather had changed.  They had forecast for a change to come in with some showers.  It was very windy and the temperature was dropping but we didn't get any rain.

Kahra dropped Katie off around lunch time.  After she left we had something to eat and decided to go down to Semaphore.  They were having a kite festival there this weekend and seeing it was so windy we thought the kites would be flying high.  Katie wanted to take her kite down there too.

When we got down there not one kite was to be seen.  It was too windy.  There were quite a few wind surfers in the water.  Katie said it was the first time she had seen big waves at the beach.  We took a drive to Outer Harbour.  The Dawn Princess was in port.  Katie was excited to see it and related it to the Titanic.  Now she's talking about wanting to go on a cruise.

On the drive back we saw that the little steam train that goes between Sempahore and the caravan park at Fort Glanville was operating.   Tony and Katie wanted a ride so we turned around, parked the car and off they went on their ride.  When they got back Katie said she found an awesome playground and wanted to go there.

We drove along, saw the playground but also saw some people trying to fly their kite.  Tony thought he and Katie could get to fly theirs.  In no time at all they had theirs in the air.  Katie was thrilled.  "What would happen if I let go?" she asked.  Tony told her that the kite would just take off, higher into the air and it would be see ya later kite.

Well guess what!  She did let go (accidently) and the kite took off but luckily for her the string got caught in one of the trees and they were able to retrieve it.  "OMG, how lucky am I Nanna?" she shrieked.  "You are," I said.  "Now you know what happens when you let go of the string".  That was enough of the kite flying and it was off to the playground for a while and then home.

During the week Robyn emailed me some photos.  Bob and her went fishing at Blanchetown, a small town on the River Murray just over an hours drive from Gawler.  They went for the day.  She said they caught about 8-9 fish but had to put them back in the water as they were catfish.  Apparently you can't keep them but she said some of them would have made nice fillets.  She said she caught these double headers, Bob's only holding them for photo purposes.

You can guarantee, if there's fish to be caught Robyn will always catch one! 

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