Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adelaide Turns It On For Black Caviar

Saturday 28th April, 2012

After the last few days being cool and damp today turned out to be a glorious sunny day.  The temperature was only in the low 20's, a slight breeze but lots of sunshine and very nice for being outdoors.

It was a special day today for Adelaide.   Black Caviar had come to town to race at Morphetville.  Who is Black Caviar?  She is apparently a very special race horse.  Until today she had been unbeaten in 19 races, and was going for her consecutive 20th win.  She will go down in Australia's history as one of the greats, up there with Phar Lap, Makybe Diva and Tulloch.

30,000 people attended the races today.  That's more than they get for the Adelaide Cup.  Black Caviar won the race, her 20th consecutive win.  She is going to come back to race again in a fortnight and then will head off to England for their racing season.

The horse is trained by Peter Moody and was ridden by Luke Nolen.  She now holds the record for international racing's longest unbeaten career.  For those who know about racing it was an easy win.  She won by 4 and  a half lengths and 'cruised' to the finishing line.

Part of the 30,000 crowd
                                              photo courtesy Adelaide Now

Black Caviar on her way to the finishing post
                                             photo courtesy of Adelaide Now

While all this was unfolding at Morphetville Racecourse we were having a little drama of our own.  Earlier in the day we had gone to pick up Katie.  Last night was Movie Disco night for her and so we picked her up this morning from Para Hills community club.

Kahra had to go there with Kerrie to make arrangements for a wedding reception.  After getting Katie we headed off to do some shopping, have some lunch and as Tony had put the helicopters in the car, to do some flying.

We went back to Virginia and to the oval.  Luckily there was no football being played there.  Tony and Katie quickly got the helicopters out, and Katie soon had one of them in the air, but just as quickly crashed it.  Hmmmm, now one of the blades didn't rotate.

Tony got out the other helicopter and he too had that flying.  Flying so high and so fast it went into the top of the tree.  Now what!  We tried the remote control to see if that would bring it down, no, it just wedged itself more into the branch.

There was only one thing for it.  Tony to climb the tree.  OMG!!!!  Katie was pleading for him not to do it, I was trying to think of other alternatives.  What's with a 66 year old thinking he's 6 years old and trying to climb this huge tree.

Anyway he did, and successfully retrieved the helicopter.  He got a few scratches for his efforts.  I am sorry I did not grab the camera for a photo shoot, but all I was thinking of at that time was having the phone and getting ready to dial 000 for an ambulance.

I thought that the reason for going to an oval was for the wide open space.  "It is," said Tony, "but there's not much you can do when the wind catches it".  The wind??? it was more of a gentle breeze.  Still, we had a good laugh about it.

After a few more attempts at trying to fly, or rather failing to fly these helicopters, it was time to pack them up and head for home.  It looks easier to do than it actually is.

Tony told Katie that when she comes again in 3 weeks he may have perfected the art of flying them.  Yeah right!!!! lol.

The tree Tony climbed

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