Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sunday 29th April, 2012

Robyn had booked to go to the Old Hahndorf Inn for lunch today for her birthday.  On the last Sunday of each month they turn the Inn into a Hofbrauhaus.

They have the same smorgasboard lunch as they normally do, but today also included a Pig on the Spit and a huge Bombe Alaska.  There was a 2 piece band playing (normally there are 3 guys but one was on holidays) and they had us believing that we were in some Inn in Munich, Germany. 

I hadn't said too much about it to Katie beforehand, but she loved it.  Now she wants to have her birthday lunch there.  She got up and waltzed with Aunty Robyn and Poppa, did the Birdie dance and Twist.  She was totally shocked when they brought out the pig, she had never seen anything like that before.  She said it was 'sad' to see the poor pig on a stick.

She saw the guys getting their beers in a stein and asked if she could have her drink in one.  Imagine her surprise when Tony came back with her drink, she was over the moon.

Around 2.00pm she was getting restless.  After all her 'dancing' she complained of being hot and wanted to go swimming. She wanted to show Robyn and Bob her diving.  I told her that seeing it was Aunty Robyn's birthday she had to ask her.  "Oooh I'm too scared", she said.  She finally told them what she wanted to do, it was fine with them and so back to town we went.

Firstly we had to stop off and buy a towel for her.  She had her bathers, but no towel.  We ended up at the Adelaide Aquatic centre.  She had fun in the water, diving off the boards......showing off.  We were there for just over an hour and then it was time to drop her off.

We got back home around 6.30pm, Robyn and Bob left.  It was a most enjoyable day.  I'd like to go back and enjoy some more of the Hofbrauhaus another day.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adelaide Turns It On For Black Caviar

Saturday 28th April, 2012

After the last few days being cool and damp today turned out to be a glorious sunny day.  The temperature was only in the low 20's, a slight breeze but lots of sunshine and very nice for being outdoors.

It was a special day today for Adelaide.   Black Caviar had come to town to race at Morphetville.  Who is Black Caviar?  She is apparently a very special race horse.  Until today she had been unbeaten in 19 races, and was going for her consecutive 20th win.  She will go down in Australia's history as one of the greats, up there with Phar Lap, Makybe Diva and Tulloch.

30,000 people attended the races today.  That's more than they get for the Adelaide Cup.  Black Caviar won the race, her 20th consecutive win.  She is going to come back to race again in a fortnight and then will head off to England for their racing season.

The horse is trained by Peter Moody and was ridden by Luke Nolen.  She now holds the record for international racing's longest unbeaten career.  For those who know about racing it was an easy win.  She won by 4 and  a half lengths and 'cruised' to the finishing line.

Part of the 30,000 crowd
                                              photo courtesy Adelaide Now

Black Caviar on her way to the finishing post
                                             photo courtesy of Adelaide Now

While all this was unfolding at Morphetville Racecourse we were having a little drama of our own.  Earlier in the day we had gone to pick up Katie.  Last night was Movie Disco night for her and so we picked her up this morning from Para Hills community club.

Kahra had to go there with Kerrie to make arrangements for a wedding reception.  After getting Katie we headed off to do some shopping, have some lunch and as Tony had put the helicopters in the car, to do some flying.

We went back to Virginia and to the oval.  Luckily there was no football being played there.  Tony and Katie quickly got the helicopters out, and Katie soon had one of them in the air, but just as quickly crashed it.  Hmmmm, now one of the blades didn't rotate.

Tony got out the other helicopter and he too had that flying.  Flying so high and so fast it went into the top of the tree.  Now what!  We tried the remote control to see if that would bring it down, no, it just wedged itself more into the branch.

There was only one thing for it.  Tony to climb the tree.  OMG!!!!  Katie was pleading for him not to do it, I was trying to think of other alternatives.  What's with a 66 year old thinking he's 6 years old and trying to climb this huge tree.

Anyway he did, and successfully retrieved the helicopter.  He got a few scratches for his efforts.  I am sorry I did not grab the camera for a photo shoot, but all I was thinking of at that time was having the phone and getting ready to dial 000 for an ambulance.

I thought that the reason for going to an oval was for the wide open space.  "It is," said Tony, "but there's not much you can do when the wind catches it".  The wind??? it was more of a gentle breeze.  Still, we had a good laugh about it.

After a few more attempts at trying to fly, or rather failing to fly these helicopters, it was time to pack them up and head for home.  It looks easier to do than it actually is.

Tony told Katie that when she comes again in 3 weeks he may have perfected the art of flying them.  Yeah right!!!! lol.

The tree Tony climbed

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday Wishes For Robyn

Thursday 26th April, 2012

Happy Birthday Sis!  Today is my sisters' birthday.  Sending you lots of love and happy birthday wishes and we hope you have a wonderful day xxoo.
"Wish me the best" by Valentina Creations

Well Tony and I did get out in the garden yesterday.  We didn't get as much done as what we would've liked but at least the garden looks a bit better.  The leaves on the trees have changed colour and fall with just the slightest hint of a breeze.  I hate this time of year with leaves everywhere.  Thank goodness it only lasts for a few weeks.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lest We Forget

Wednesday 25th April, 2012

Today is Anzac Day.  It is the day Australians and New Zealanders remember the soldiers who landed at Gallipoli in 1915.  ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.  It is the day that we remember those men who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Over the years we also remember those soldiers who fought and died for their country in the 2nd World War, Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan, in fact any conflict that Australia has been involved in.

The day starts with a commemorative dawn service at an Anzac memorial, which are found in most towns and cities around Australia.  Wreaths are laid at these memorials in memory of those who have died.  They have the service at dawn because this is the time of the original landing at Anzac Cove.  At around 9-9.30am marches are held through the towns and cities.  Past and presents soldiers march along with the families of deceased soldiers.

Today has truly become this country's National Day, I think even more so than Australia Day.  I remember as a young girl, going to watch my Dad march in Renmark.  Even though he never spoke of his time in the war, it was a proud moment for him to march.

That's my one regret, never to get Dad to talk about his time in the war.  I remember asking him questions about it but never got any answers.  I have come to learn now that Dad wasn't the only one who would never talk about the war.  Apparently it was very common among the returned soldiers.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still No Gardening Done

Sunday 22nd April, 2012

I was awake and out of bed a lot earlier this morning than yesterday morning.  It was my turn to let Tony have a sleep in. 

We didn't venture out into the garden was much too windy.  Tony said that we would only be chasing our tails if we did go out and do anything.  Lucky for us Wednesday is Anzac Day, and a public holiday, and so he said we will definitely do the gardening then.  Hmmmmm I wonder!!!!

Tony has always wanted a remote control plane or helicopter and when I met him at the shops last Thursday, a stall selling them had been set up in the mall.   He ended up getting himself one.  He tried it out in the lounge room but it is much too big to really fly in there so this afternoon he had a go outside but it was way too windy.

Yesterday while at the Home Show they had these same helicopters for sale there, but had some that had a camera attached to them.  Tony was very interested in them. 

So guess what?  We ended up going back there so Tony could get himself one.  They only had one left and so the guy took $50 off the price.  Needless to say Tony was happy. 

He's like a little kid, he can't wait to try it out and it was still fairly windy late this afternoon, plus the battery didn't have any charge in it.  The guy told him that the camera was pretty good, so good in fact that you can even take a still from it.  We shall wait and see!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sign Of The Times

Saturday 21st April, 2012

This morning I got to sleep was nearly 10.30am before I got out of bed.  Tony said that he got up a couple of hours earlier and thought he would let me sleep.  Thankyou darling!!!  That boy is so good to me!

We didn't have much planned for the day, we could get out and do the gardening but the skies looked too threatening, instead we opted to go to the Showgrounds and have a look at the Home Show.  They were also having a Craft Fair, a Pet Show, a Lego Exhibition and a Book Sale.

We weren't that interested in the Lego or the Books and so we went into the Craft Fair.  Oh dear, what a disappointment!  I don't think they would have had 30 stalls and of those over half of them sold jewellery. 

Next stop was the Pets.  At least here there was a good assortment of cats, dogs, miniature ponies, rabbits,  ferrets and their associated foods.  Also on stage was the popular TV vet Dr Harry Cooper.

From here we went into the Home Show.  Another major disappointment.  The exhibitors were spread out making it look like there were lots of stalls, but we walked through in half an hour and that was after spending time finding out about a new front security screen door and also talking with a guy who was selling safes.

I remember years ago, I'm going back 25 or more years, when the Home Show used to be on, the showgrounds were full of exhibitors.  You needed at least the whole day to be able to see everything and they were open until 10.00pm at night.  It also used to go for a week.  Now its only Friday to Sunday and it closes at 5.00pm. 

There were all sorts of displays back then, everything you needed for your home and the garden ranging from carpets, furniture, beds, furnishings, plants, lawns, mowers, pots, barbques, fences, verandahs, pergolas, window frames, doors, pools, spas, tiles, baths, sinks, toilets...... you name it, they had it there.  You also went to get the latest gadgets and ideas.  Not anymore.

Today you could look at security screen doors, safes, solar panels, beds, musical instruments, bed linen, rainwater tanks and above ground garden beds, a few plants, remote control front gates, ironing steam press, windows, a locksmith and that was about it.  There were hardly any vendors selling kitchen gadgets like slicers, chamois, knives, brooms etc.  We did see a couple, vegie peeler and a knife sharpener, but didn't stop to watch the demonstrations.

I think it's a sign of the times.  Many people don't have the extra money to spend anymore what with the electricity, gas and water prices continually rising, plus food, petrol and clothing costs also on the rise and the cost to the sellers to put up their displays and pay for the area they use.  A lot of the sellers in the past were small businesses and I think it's cost prohibitive to them now.  They can most probably find cheaper ways of advertising their businesses now especially with the internet.

We did get some rain too.  It was persistant for at least a couple of hours but I don't think it helped the garden too much.  Looks like we'll have to turn on the sprinklers unless we get quite a few mil more in the coming days.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Living In Paradise

Friday 20th April, 2012

How can anyone not LOVE living in Adelaide!  I know I do!  This past week we have had the most awesome weather.  Every day we have had temperatures ranging from 28 -30C and so I have taken the opportunity of enjoying these days while this gorgeous weather lasts.  In a few weeks it will be Winter.

This weekend and for the next few days they are forecasting showers.  I'm not going to complain as the garden needs the water.  I didn't realise just how neglected our poor garden is, especially the backyard.  We will definitely have to get out in it over the weekend.

I also caught up on weeks of ironing.......lucky we have lots of clothes.  I had to buy a new iron as my old one kept throwing the power out.  We bought the new one while Tony wasn't working and I've only just got around to using it.  Ironing isn't one of my favourite chores.

I do it because I would never go out with wrinkled and creased clothes like you see people do these days.  I don't go to the extremes like my mother used to do, ironing the sheets, towels, underwear and such.  I do iron the pillow slips and tea towels though.

When Katie comes for the weekend her clothes are stuffed into a bag and they are so creased I won't let her wear them. 
That is why I keep some clothes here for her, so then I can wash and iron them.

She gets quite cross with me sometimes, but I have to teach her to have some pride in the way she looks when she goes out.  She is slowly coming around to my way of thinking. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Everything Will Work Out Fine In The End, And If It's Not Yet Fine, It Is Not Yet The End"

Sunday 15th April, 2012

The last few days the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  I am not complaining, well not at the moment  We can expect more of the same up until next Thursday at least.

On Friday afternoon Jodi, Tanecia and Taylor popped in for a visit.  It is school holidays here, they go back for Term 2 on the 23rd April.  Tanecia has been having back problems and so Jodi was taking her for Xrays.

Yesterday, Tony and I went to Harbour Town.  Tony needed some new shirts and trousers for work.  This company whom he works for does not have a uniform.  We ended up buying some for him, plus I got some new sheets and other bits and pieces.  I really just needed a couple of fitted sheets for the bed. 

The elastic has gone in the fitted sheets that I have and so I was going to mix and match the sheets, but we found it's so hard to buy them.  I think everyone else has the same idea.    If any of the stores had some they were in either black, white or some other ghastly colour.  All the popular colours were gone.  In the end I bought a sheet set.

Harbour Town is so popular, there are always so many people there.  It is supposed to be a discount Brand Outlet precinct, eg Tarocash, Sheridan, Jag, Gazman, Stafford Ellinson, Royal Doulton, Bed Bath 'n Table, Bendon, Country Road, Cotton On Kids, Cheeki Kids, Bolle, Betts, and so the list goes on.  There would be well over 100 stores plus Woolworths, a chemist, eateries and coffee shops.

Well, going back to my previous comment of being a discount retail precinct, we had seen some Gazman shirts for Tony in one of the stores in the shopping centre.  They were priced at $69.95.  Knowing that Gazman was at Harbour Town, we ended up there.  Same shirt there was for $79.95, so much for discount.  We ended up getting his shirts and trousers from Stafford Ellinson, over $300 worth for under $200.

Wonderful sunset as we drove home along the coast
On the way home we decided to go to the movies.  I had been wanting to go and see "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel".  Supposedly a movie about 'older' people it seemed right up our alley.  When we got home, which was nearer to 8pm I looked on the net and the time for the movie was 9.30pm.  We had a quick bite to eat, a coffee and it was time to go.

I loved it.  Love Maggie Smith.  Maybe because we're in the age bracket this movie is directed at, I related to it very well.  Had some great laugh out loud moments.  Tony and I both came away from the movie feeling uplifted.

Today we had plans to do some gardening and tidy up around the back but because we had a late start to the morning those plans didn't eventuate.  There's always next weekend.

Instead we just lazed around all day.  This evening my favourite TV show, Dancing with the Stars is back on for it's 12th season.  I love this show.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  The TV has been full of programs on the sinking of this supposedly unsinkable ship.  I am totally sinked out. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Counting The Days To Spring

Wednesday 11th April, 2012

I am not liking these mornings and evenings.  There is a real chill in the air in the morning and then again at night.  At least the days are nice when the sun is out.

The weatherman tells us the temperature will go up to 30C again by next Wednesday.  Bring it on I say!!!

Is it to early to dream of Spring?  Too bad if it is, I am counting the days........142 days to go.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Sunday 8th April, 2012

Happy Aussie Easter!!

Yesterday afternoon we went to see Titanic 3D.  It was good to see the movie on the big screen once again but as far as 3D went, it was disappointing.  In parts it was OK but I think it would have been better to have remade it in 3D.  I was waiting for the water to 'drown' us and it didn't happen.

After the movie we went out to Robyn and Bob's and then off to the Roseworthy Hotel for dinner with them. We had to go to Two Wells for our dessert pizza after.  Katie didn't particularly like the pizza, which was unusual as we had the Ferraro Roche.

On the way home we saw a bucket lying by the side of the road.  Katie got quite excited thinking that it may have been left there by Easter Bunny.  "Keep your eyes open Nanna, we may see him", she said.

Then she came out with, "I don't care what the other kids say about Easter Bunny, I know that he is real,  because Nanna you have proved it so many times". Oh dear! what have I started?

Needless to say we didn't see the Easter Bunny and so she went off to bed soon after we got home.  Around 10 to 4 she woke me up asking, "I wonder if the Easter Bunny has come".  "Well, why don't you have a look", I said. 

She got up, turned on the light and a huge smile came over her face when she saw some eggs lying in the passage.  The carrot had been nibbled on, grass was on the carpet and a package had been left in her room.

I didn't want her going outside as Tony had set the alarm for around 6.30 so that he could go and hide some eggs in the garden.  She was happy, and because it was still dark she wondered as to whether he would have left some eggs outside.  Back to bed we both went.

In the morning she was up and straight to the kitchen window.  "Yes Nanna he has left some eggs outside.  Now I know why he dropped those eggs by the laundry.  It was because he was going out to the backyard."
She quickly went in to wake Poppa.

She was very happy with what the Easter Bunny had left her. 

Later in the morning we went over to Jodi's.  There were more eggs for her there. 

After we left Jodi's we went out to Elizabeth.  Carnival rides had been set up on the parklands, and when we saw them last night as we were going out to Gawler, she asked if she could go and have some rides.

Her favourite ride, The Magic Carpet, wasn't operating until later in the day and so she was a bit disappointed with that.  Still she had a few rides on the Chair O Plane, the Bouncy Castle and the Water Balls.  We left there and went over to Rick and Diannes. 

They had rung earlier and asked us over.  I thought by going out to Elizabeth first, Katie would leave us in peace while visiting otherwise all we would hear is "When are we going to the rides, I want to go to the rides".  Luckily she had Taylor to play with.

Around 4.15pm we left Rick's as we had to go home, collect Katies things and go and drop her off.  Darrin was there to meet us. 

By the time we got home all I wanted to do was collapse into a chair and just stay there.  Easter for us is over for another year.  Tomorrow, Easter Monday, we will stay home and chill out.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Friday 6th April, 2012

When we woke this morning it seemed to be a really nice day outside.  By mid morning the weather had changed.  They had forecast for a change to come in with some showers.  It was very windy and the temperature was dropping but we didn't get any rain.

Kahra dropped Katie off around lunch time.  After she left we had something to eat and decided to go down to Semaphore.  They were having a kite festival there this weekend and seeing it was so windy we thought the kites would be flying high.  Katie wanted to take her kite down there too.

When we got down there not one kite was to be seen.  It was too windy.  There were quite a few wind surfers in the water.  Katie said it was the first time she had seen big waves at the beach.  We took a drive to Outer Harbour.  The Dawn Princess was in port.  Katie was excited to see it and related it to the Titanic.  Now she's talking about wanting to go on a cruise.

On the drive back we saw that the little steam train that goes between Sempahore and the caravan park at Fort Glanville was operating.   Tony and Katie wanted a ride so we turned around, parked the car and off they went on their ride.  When they got back Katie said she found an awesome playground and wanted to go there.

We drove along, saw the playground but also saw some people trying to fly their kite.  Tony thought he and Katie could get to fly theirs.  In no time at all they had theirs in the air.  Katie was thrilled.  "What would happen if I let go?" she asked.  Tony told her that the kite would just take off, higher into the air and it would be see ya later kite.

Well guess what!  She did let go (accidently) and the kite took off but luckily for her the string got caught in one of the trees and they were able to retrieve it.  "OMG, how lucky am I Nanna?" she shrieked.  "You are," I said.  "Now you know what happens when you let go of the string".  That was enough of the kite flying and it was off to the playground for a while and then home.

During the week Robyn emailed me some photos.  Bob and her went fishing at Blanchetown, a small town on the River Murray just over an hours drive from Gawler.  They went for the day.  She said they caught about 8-9 fish but had to put them back in the water as they were catfish.  Apparently you can't keep them but she said some of them would have made nice fillets.  She said she caught these double headers, Bob's only holding them for photo purposes.

You can guarantee, if there's fish to be caught Robyn will always catch one! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Wishes

Thursday 5th April, 2012

Just in case I don't get back here over the weekend I just want to wish you and your families a very Happy and Blessed Easter!  Wherever you may travel over this Easter period be safe and enjoy the time spent with family and friends.

background paper by agnesingap
 cluster made by Arlene using
 RDH's "Easter Sweetness" kit