Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We're Generating Our Own Power!

Tuesday 6th March, 2012

Yesterday the Telstra technician came out to look at our modem and guess what...... it was working!  Isn't that always the way?  About 30 minutes before he showed up we only had 3 lights working, when he showed up all the lights were on.  Grrrrrrr.

Still, he was a nice guy and offered to give us a brand new modem for nothing.  He said ours was pretty dated and after time they lose their effectiveness so he said that he would replace it.  To save us from having  to go into another contract he said he would just write it off.  Hmmmm sounded good to us.

Today ETSA and the solar installation guy came back and connected our solar panels up to the grid.  The meter quickly started showing the panels putting power out.  It was nice and sunny which helped, hehehe.

Later on this afternoon we went to the airport as Tori was coming back home for good.  Jodi had rung me in the morning letting me know what time her flight was getting in.  Her flight landed 10 minutes early.  Rick and Dianne were also there along with Jodi and Taylor.   After we collected her bags we went over to Ikea (that's where we had parked the cars) and we decided to go and have coffeee.

It was nearing 7pm when we left there.  Where did that time go?  Most of it was spent just sitting around talking.  At one point Jodi went off "window shopping".  To exit the store why do they make you walk through the shopping section.   To try and get Jodi away is hopeless, she has to look at everything and I mean EVERYTHING! 

It just reinforces why I don't go shopping with her anymore.  She spends hours looking at everything in the shops and then sometimes (not very often though) will walk out without buying anything.  That's why Dianne and I like a day out together occasionally, we get so much more done.

When we got home Tony went out to check the solar meter.  We had generated 9.5Kw of power and had only used 1.3Kw and that was for half a day.  Our next electricity bill is due in a couple of weeks but the one after that will definitely show the benefits of having solar panels.

One can only hope it does!!

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