Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We Looked Like Two Drowned Rats

Wednesday 14th March, 2012

This afternoon we had to go into the city as Tony had his second interview.  Yesterday he got a phone call from Job No 1 letting him know that they would be emailing the paper work for him to read through and then to let them know if he accepted the terms and conditions for the job.  He was to start work on Thursday if he accepted the position.

Shortly after that phone call he got a phone call from Job No 2 letting him know that a second interview had been arranged for Wednesday at 2.00pm.  He had to ring Job No 1 to let them know this and tell them he would give them an answer once he knew the outcome of this interview.

He went off to have his interview while I waited.  When he came back he said that it had gone very well and now had to wait for a phone call. This was the job he preferred as it was looking after just one building in the city.   

He explained to them that he needed to know one way or the other if he was successful as he had been offered this other position and was required to start work the following day and needed to let them know. 

As we had bought the paper work into town with us for Job No 1, Tony thought that once he knew the outcome, and being in the city, he could go to their office and sign any paperwork that needed signing if he had to.

Now it was just a matter of waiting.  We went off and did some shopping and had more coffee.  4.00pm came and there was still no phone call and so Tony rang Peter.  He must have been in a meeting as he wasn't answering his phone.  Not knowing what to do, he thought he would wait until 4.30pm and then  he would have to ring Job No 1 and ask them if they would wait another day before he gave them his decision.

Just before 4.30 the phone rang and it was Peter.  He told Tony that he was going to be put forward to the building owners as the preferred applicant but a final decision might not be known until next Wednesday.  Tony then rang Job No 1 to tell them this.  Thankfully they were pretty understanding but told Tony that because they wanted someone to start more or less straight away, once he knew the final decision he could ring them back and if the job was still there it was his.

As I didn't want to catch the bus in peak hour, which it was by now, we decided to go for a walk and maybe end up having some dinner in town.  We wandered off and as we were walking past the bus stop where we could catch a bus back to the Village the C1 pulled up.  It didn't look too crowded, but I opted not to catch it.  As we got a little further up the road the CX2 came along.  That was practically empty and so we hurried back and caught that.

Also by looking at the sky it was starting to get quite black in the west and as they had forecast thunderstorms we thought that we may get home before the rain came.  The bus was express to TTP.  The stop before the Village is the Park N Ride.  I'm thinking the bus will go onto the Village but it doesn't, it turns right.  I look at Tony, and say, "oh well we'll go for a ride, it's gotta come back this way".

The bus travels to the other side of Golden Grove and through Greenwith.  As there are shops further over I thought that it may terminate the trip there, but it went past these shops and continued on down the road.  Tony got up and asked the driver whether they go back to the Village.  "Oh no," the driver said.  "I am about to go off for my tea break".  By now the heavens had opened, there was thunder and lightning and the rain was pelting down and so the driver offered to drive us back to the Village.

With the bad press that the public transport had been getting the last couple of days this went way over and above the course of their duty.  We were extremely thankful.

The driver apologised to us for the weather when we got to the Village but at least we weren't out in the open waiting for another bus.  Still when we got off the bus we got soaked.  The rain was sooooo heavy.  We didn't have that far to go before we got to some shelter either.  We both looked like we had just had a shower with our clothes on. 

Bugger! I didn't have the camera on me and so we couldn't get any photos.  I could have been a contestant for the wet Tshirt compettion.....yeah right, in ya dreams!!!

We went into the supermarket as I had to get a few things.  With us being so wet it was freezing in there especially near the fridges and freezers.  By the time we came out the rain wasn't as heavy, and so we walked home.  We were so wet anyway it didn't matter anymore walking in the rain.

Soon after we got home Tony got another phone call from Peter.  He told him that the 2 interviewers were very impressed with his credentials and he should have some paperwork in relation to the job within a few days.  He said he would wait until he gets the paperwork before he rings Job No 1. 

He said he is ready to go back to work.  He reckons he's not ready for retirement just yet.

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