Monday, March 12, 2012

Perfect Weather For A Long Weekend

Monday 12th March, 2012

We have just had a fantastic long weekend with the most perfect weather.  Tomorrow and Wednesday the temperatures are going to climb up to 34 degreesC with some rain forecast for later in the week.

Friday we went and met up with Katie.  After picking her up we went and had some dinner at Vili's and she asked whether we could go and get an icecream from the beach.  She didn't have to ask twice....hehehe.

I didn't have any real plans for the weekend.  I thought we might catch the bus into the city and go to the Garden of Unearthly Delights to see something of the Fringe.  When I mentioned this to Katie she wasn't too enthusiastic, instead she asked to go fishing.  That sounded good to us.

After a leisurely start to Saturday morning we got ourselves organised and ready to head off to Wallaroo.  It was perfect sitting on the wharf, not too hot although very windy.  Katie and Tony soon had their rods in the water and it was a matter of waiting.  No-one was catching too much, an occasional crab was being caught, but as for fish......nothing.

A lady further up from us caught a squid.  Katie thought this might be a good thing to try for.  Tony put a squid jag on her rod and shortly afterwards her rod bent right over.  She started reeling it in and whatever was on it, flipped itself off.  She was undeterred.

I never thought that Katie would have the patience to sit and fish.   She has proved me wrong.  She doesn't like the fact that she doesn't catch anything, but we explain to her that catching fish won't happen everytime we go.  She accepts that and says we'll get one next time.

We stayed on the wharf until around 6.30pm.  As we were leaving a couple of guys were reeling in some fish they were catching.  Perhaps we were there a little too early.  Next time we'll come later said Katie.  Still it was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

We called into Kadina and had some dinner and then headed home.  Sunday was a relatively quiet day.  We ended up going to the Adelaide Aquatic Centre in the afternoon.  Since the opening of Marion Leisure and Swim centre, Adelaide is not as busy as it once was.  Katie enjoyed it, she spent all afternoon jumping from the 3m springboard. 

At the changeover of Lifeguards the guy didn't think she could swim and so he asked to see her swimming.  She showed him and he said to her "you're OK to go".  One of the requirements jumping from the diving boards is that you're able to swim.  One of the other girls that was jumping was not allowed to continue as the Lifeguard didn't think her swimming was up to par.  Some Lifeguards have different rules to the others.

Around 5.30pm we dropped Katie off and headed back home.  Today has been a do nothing day.  It is a Public Holdiay (Adelaide Cup Day).  I did get some laundry done.  Today is also Andrew's Birthday so we wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

"I na na nana"

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  1. Love Katie as the fisherwoman in red - lovely pics!