Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mad March Is Well Under Way

Sunday March 4th, 2012

Time is marching on, no pun intended, and Summer has left us and along comes Autumn.  Even though we can still have some nice weather during the day, I'm not looking forward to when the nights start getting nippy.

The Clipsal 500 got under way on Thursday, it was mainly a day for the support racers.  On Friday night was the start of the Adelaide Festival.  The opening act was composer, Ennio Morricone, and he was conducting the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra at Elder Park.  Even though it was held outdoors it was a ticket only concert.

As the concert was getting underway so the racing was still continuing down at the Clipsal track.  Apparently the noise of the cars was drowning out the orchestra.  Uh-oh.  Now the race track used for the Clipsal, which is around the city streets, is in the east end of the City, maybe a kilometre away from Elder Park. 

Well apparently the Premier, Jay Weatherill was not impressed and so he got onto his minders to get onto the organisers of the racing to get the racing stopped.  Then to add insult to injury, during the second half, an employee of the Festival Centre decided that the empty bottles needed to be thrown into the bins and so there was the noise of empty bottles echoing through the park.  Bwahahahahaha, sorry, but I find it funny.

Now Ennio Marricone, an Italian composer, is well known for composing movie themes, mainly spaghetti Westerns.  His most well known piece of music is "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly".   Apparently it was a real coup for the organisers of the Festival to get him here to Adelaide as he doesn't like to travel.  He was not going to appear anywhere else in the country and so there were lots of interstate visitors here for the concert. 

I suppose we'll have to expect some more bagging from our interstate cronies now.  As it is they think we are a backwater city.  But those Victorians would dearly love to pinch the Clipsal 500 from us (like they did when we had the Formula 1) and also the Tour Down Under.

On Saturday we did very little for most of the day.  Around 4pm we went down to Outer Harbour as Queen Mary2 was back.  This time we stayed until it left around 6pm.  Just as it was ready to leave down came the rain.  We didn't wait around too long as we were getting soaked.  Our favourite pizza place was closed for the night (for whatever reason) and so we had to find another one.  The pizza wasn't as good.

On Sunday Tony went off to the Clipsal.  I stayed at home and caught up on some washing until the power went off.  That's one thing we don't have too many problems with.....power going out.  It stayed off for almost 90 minutes.  When it came back on I could get no internet access, the modem just wouldn't connect.

The corporate tent Tony was invited into

At 4.30pm I left to go into the city to pick Tony up.  All the racing was over by 4.30pm and the Ford flags were flying high.  One of their drivers had won the race. 

When we got home Tony tried to connect us up to the internet but had no luck.  He rang Telstra and they suggested having a Technician come out to have a look tomorrow.  Lucky we have on the go broadband access.  It was OK for Tony and his laptop but my computer is old and has no wireless connectivity.  Still it gave me the opprtunity to sort my scrapbooking files.

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  1. Hi!Thanks so much for the nice comment you left on my blog. It was kind of you to take the time to reassure me of why I blog in the first place! And it is also nice to hear of others going into Autumn same as us here in South Africa!