Thursday, March 29, 2012

He Knows How To Make A Girl Feel Good!

Thursday 29th March 2012

This morning I had an appointment with the Volunteer Program.  After speaking with them I had no idea that there were so many volunteer positions available.

I know that I don't have to do volunteering as I am no longer eligible for Newstart, but seeing that I had made the appointment before Tony had confirmation that he had a job, I thought I would keep the appointment just to see what it was all about.  I thought I might go and do some volunteer work even if it's only for one day a week.

As long as the organisation is non for profit you can volunteer for them.  There were lots of positions available in the various hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters, church organisations and so on and you could do a variety of jobs in these places.   I was quite surprised. 

The person I spoke to was named Bob, and he knew how to make a girl feel  He was going through the usual spiel and said that once you become 55 years or more you can do volunteer work instead of looking for jobs and be paid Newstart.  I said that's OK I am 61. 

He just about fell off his chair when I told him and had a look of surprise on his face.  He turned around and said "Oh, I'm glad you told me that because I would have put you in the 45-54 age group bracket". 

I believe he was genuine when he said that and didn't say it to make me feel good.  My head has been in the clouds ever since...............bwahahahahahaha!!!

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