Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Tony!

Sunday 25th March, 2012

I can't believe that I last blogged one week ago.  Where has this past week gone?  It's not that we have been real busy or anything, it's just that time seems to fly by.

This is for my hubby whose birthday is today.

       "When I think about the life we've made and the friendhsip we share 
         I feel very lucky to be married to you.  And so I want to tell you on
         your birthday that I love you and I love what we have together." 

         Happy Birthday Tony!!

Last week was a fairly quiet week, we caught up on some housework.  Having Tony home before he starts work next Monday was a good time to get him to help with the housework.

On Thursday morning I had another appointment with the Job Employment Service.  I was in there for less than 2 minutes as they said that I had been deleted from their records.  Yesssss!!! sounded good to me.  With Tony back in full time work means that I don't have to go looking for a job now.

After we had been there Tony had to go to the Doctor.  He has another one of those rashes, this time on his leg.  Practically 12 months ago to the day he had one on his toes.  This time the Dr gave him some cream as she said it was a fungus.  He also got a flu vaccine while there.

From there we went and had some lunch and then headed for the hills.  We went to Woodside and to Melbas Chocolate Factory.  We also called into Johnstons at Oakbank and got some cordial.

Tony had been expecting a package these past few days and it hadn't arrived by Friday so he made some enquiries.  He finally got a phone call from the delivery company and they had the wrong address for him.  He then organised to go and pick it up.

So Friday afternoon was spent doing some shopping, picking up the package and going out for dinner.

Saturday was a lazy day, I did some laundry, Tony cleaned the car.

Today, for Tony's birthday we went out to lunch with Robyn and Bob.  We went and had a smorgasbord at the Watermark Hotel at Glenelg.  As usual we ate too

After lunch we took a trip down to the south coast.  We headed off to Victor Harbor.  On the way we stopped off at Alexandrina Cheese, at Mt Jaggard, for a milkshake.  Not that we really wanted one after all the food we had eaten but you can't resist fresh Jersey cow milkshakes. 

On the way, just past Mt Pleasant is a really large farm of alpacas.  Aren't they just the cutest?  Some of these had just been shorn

 Then we went down to Pt Elliott.  They have a Melbas chocolate shop here and so we went and checked it out.  Robyn ended up buying some clogs for work from here.  Yes, they sell shoes as well as chocolate.

Then we went off to Goolwa and across to Hindmarsh Island, called into Middleton Beach and watched some of the surfers and then off to Victor Harbor.  Bob said it had been many years since they were last down this way.

We got back home around 7.00pm after having a really great day.  Robyn and Bob left to go home shortly after.  Neither of us felt like much for dinner and so we ended up having some toast.

Can't have too late a night as Tony is back to work tomorrow.  He says he is a bit excited and looking forward to it.

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