Thursday, March 8, 2012


Thursday 8th March, 2012

This morning I had another appointment with the Job search organisation.  Today they talked about my options.......I could either do volunteer work, at least 15 hours per week or I could have paid employment.

If I choose to go down the path of employment they said that I would have to be retrained, meaning go and do a course involving business study.  To me it seems a waste spending that money retraining me but the person said she believed that once the womens's retiring age catches up with the men, 65 years old, the government will raise the retiring age for men and women to 70.  She said if that's the case I could have at least 8-9 years of working life in me.

After I finished there we had to go to the bank so that Tony could get some papers certified.  We did our shopping, had some lunch and headed down to the beach for an icecream.  OMG the icecream down at the Largs Kiosk is to die for.  We have the passionfruit with a scoop of strawberry. 

While shopping Tony got a phone call.  It was from where he went for that interview last week.  They had some good news for him, he may have the job.  This puts him in a dilemma.  When he was at Clipsal on Sunday he was told by several people that a certain person was looking for him.  On Monday he gave this person a call and it was to do with another job.

Yesterday he had an interview with this company.  He said it went really well and was told that next week he would have to front for a second interview.  He would prefer this job as it would be managing one building in the city, plus it was full time.  The other job is only casual to start off with and it involves going from building to building plus also buildings out in the suburbs.

I would rather Tony have the full time job.  That would mean I wouldn't have to do volunteer work or look for paid employment. 

Sounds good to me.

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  1. Maybe Tony could contact Better Job Number B and explain that Terrific Job A (haggle, up sell his arse off etc) has been offered, so can they firm up his preferred Better Job B?