Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cheering For The South Aussies!

Tuesday 27th March, 2012

Firstly, Happy Birthday to Kahra!  We hope your year is a great one!

Dianne rang early this morning to see if we (they didn't know that Tony had started work) would be home later in the day.  They wanted to bring around a card for Tony's birthday as they had been away.  Rick was still on holidays.  They had spent about a week at Port Vincent on Yorke Peninsula.

They came around 10.30 am and stayed for a few hours.  They were going to the movies later in the afternoon plus Dianne wanted to do a bit of shopping.  It was good to sit down and talk without the interruption of kids.  You can guarantee that whenever we go over to their place Jodi will come with the kids.

Tonight is the final of My Kitchen Rules.  It is an all South Australian final, Rocco and Nic versus Leigh and Jennifer.  Tony and I have only been watching it the past couple of weeks.  We have been hooked.  Normally I am not interested in cooking shows on TV, mainly because the food they cook is too fancy for my liking.
                                 taken from Adelaide Now website
Well the show has been aired and a winner has been announced, a little bit controversial if you ask me.  The girls, Leigh and Jennifer won.  The teams had to cook a 5 course meal.  When it came time for the judges to judge they did not find fault with any of the boys courses, they all said that they had made perfect dishes.

                                       taken from Adelaide Now website
On the other hand they said that the girls first course was a bit too delicate and bland and their 5th course (dessert) was missing the chocolate.  They had trouble making the tempered chocolate into rounds that were to be used as a garnish. They had to end up making two batches and the second batch didn't harden in time.

There were a total of six judges in all.  So with these two criticisms they still managed scores of 4 x 10 and 2 x 9.  The boys got 4 x 9 and 2 x 8 and those scores were supposedly for perfect dishes.  I thought a score of 10 is given for a perfect dish.

                                       taken from Adelaide Now website
Hmmm bit sus if you ask me.  Even in the semi finals it was a bit dubious for the girls to have won that.  In one of the dishes they served, two of the judges had bits of gravel in their dishes plus they cooked pigeon and it was raw.

Still, I wasn't there to taste the food that was dished up but it looks as if it was pre arranged for the girls to win this competition.  Maybe they are better for marketing purposes.  Just saying!

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