Monday, March 26, 2012

Back To Work

Monday 26th March, 2012

Tony went back to work today and it felt like he hadn't had any time off.  I quickly got back into my routine.
When he came home and I mentioned it to him he agreed.  He said that he felt like he had had no time off at all. 

He said that it will take time getting used to working for this company, they do things very differently to what he was used to, but he thinks once he gets the hang of it he's gonna like working for them.

One thing he likes is that they have no real start and finish time.  As long as he gets in a days work he can start and finish when he wants to.

At the moment he is feeling his way around and sorting out the IT problems that they are having getting his computer and mobile phone set up. 

He was presented with a "Welcome" kit which included a tie, cap, umbrella, coffee mug, tiepin and travel mug plus a writing compendium including a calculator. 

He gets a car park at the building......woohoo.... at least we'll have somewhere to park when we go into the city.

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