Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day

Wednesday 29th February, 2012

Ooooh not very often you get to write the 29th is Leap Year Day.  What a day it was for rained ALL day.......consistent steady rain.   It was soooooo good.

Let me go back to Monday.  While the solar panel guy was talking to Tony the phone rang.  I answered it and it was one of his former bosses whom he worked with at Knight Frank years ago.  I told him that Tony was busy and would call him back.  When the solar guy left Tony rang and was asked how did he feel about doing some casual work for them.

Tony said that he might be interested, so he was told that he would get a phone call from their IP manager.  On Tuesday morning he got that phone call and a meeting was arranged for 10am Wednesday.  Last night was spent getting his resume up to date.

As we hadn't planned to do much yesterday Tony and I caught the bus into the city.  When we got in there we had some lunch in Hindmarsh Square (as we had some rolls that needed to be eaten I decided to make them up for our lunch).  While sitting there eating, there was tooting and horns blaring and sirens going off and when we looked around to see what the kaffuffle was about, it was a parade of cars, mainly old and older ones, going down the road to herald in the Clipsal 500.  Tony quickly grabbed the camera and got some shots.

That's right! We forgot.....Mad March is about to happen.  The Fringe kicked off about a week ago and their parade was last Friday night.  We didn't go in as it was so hot.  This weekend, (from Thursday to Sunday) is the Clipsal 500.  V8 cars of Holden and Ford racing each other through the streets of Adelaide.  Next year it has already been announced that Nissan is also going to join.  Tony has got tickets for the Sunday, each year he has gone as a guest of one of the contractors he used to use.  They were happy to have him along again this year.

Then the Adelaide Festival begins for two weeks and next weekend is a long weekend and on the Monday is the running of the Adelaide Cup.  That's a horse race but nowhere near as big as the Melbourne Cup.  I remember last year the authorities were talking of taking the Adelaide Cup back to May (when it used to be held) and running it on a Sunday which meant no public holiday.  Looks like that idea got knocked on the head.

Either, you leave town for the month if you don't like car races, horse racing or festivals or shut up and put up with the inconvenience of more people out and about, road closures and lots more traffic.

We noticed the extra traffic on the road this morning.  Usually it takes 30-35 minutes to get into the city from home but this morning it took us 50 minutes.  Tony went off for his interview while I waited in the car.  We managed to get a park in a 30 minute parking spot so I kept a lookout for the parking inspectors.  He was only gone for just over half an hour.  He said that the interview went well, but until he knows what they offer him he doesn't know whether he will take the job or not.  They said that they would get back to him.

As we didn't have breakfast before we left we ended up down at West Lakes shopping centre and had something to eat.  From here we had to take the car into City Mazda because we received a letter saying that we needed to have the computer in the car updated re something to do with the timing.  We had to be there for 1pm.

We dropped the car off and decided to wait for it.  They said it could take 15 minutes or at the most an hour.  Two and a half hours later we were still waiting when the service guy came out to tell us that they were having trouble getting the Istop to work.  He said we could either take the car now and come back at a later date for them to fix the Istop.   Istop is when you stop at the traffic lights or anywhere for that matter, and your foot is on the brake, the motor turns off.  As soon as you release pressure from the brake the motor cuts in again.  It is supposed to be a fuel saving thing.

Or, we could take a loan car home and come back tomorrow.  We opted for the loan car.  He said to give him 5 minutes while he got the paperwork sorted.  When we went in to see him he was on the phone and told us that our car was ready for us to take home.  The problem with the Istop had been fixed.

By now it was close to 4pm, still raining and so we headed towards home and went to do the shopping.  Leap Year Day wasn't that exciting for us, most of it was spent waiting around, but I did lurve the rain.

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