Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Solar Panels And A Showdown

Monday 27th February, 2012

Well this morning was overcast with the skies threatening rain, but guess what..........no rain here.  Apparently it fell in the north of the state.

Around 7.30am this morning the guys came to install our solar panels.  They thought that they would get an early start, before the rains came. We have got 12 panels on the roof so hopefully we put enough energy back into the grid which will cut down on the cost of our eletricity.  We're not that interested in making money by putting more energy back than what we use, we just want to reduce the costs as they keep going up and up.

It doesn't actually get connected to our meter box until next Tuesday.  We have to wait for ETSA to come.  We can't even watch the meter going backwards as the electrician had to disconnect the inverter because we do not have a main switch in our meter box.  He has to come back when ETSA are here so that he can connect it.  Not even he is allowed to tap into the ETSA cables to connect it.

Today also saw the showdown between Labor's Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard both wanting the position of Prime Minister. Back in 2007 Kevin Rudd was elected as Prime Minister.  Because his popularity was flailing, the backroom boys did a few deals and Julia Gillard was promoted to PM.  She took the country to another election, but didn't win it in her own right, so she had to solicit the help of the Greens and Independants.  She made Kevin Rudd the Foreign Minister.  He resigned that position last Wednesday.

Since she has been PM her popularity has plummeted mainly due to her lies, saying she won't bring in a Carbon Tax and then doing it, promising one thing to one of the Independants and then doing a backflip, policies failing and the list goes on. 

All the polls over the weekend wanted Rudd to be reinstated as PM.  Reading the comments on various websites most people believe that he would be the only one that could take it to Tony Abott (the leader of the Liberals, in Opposition) when it comes time for the next general election.  Some polls had more than 80% support for him.

Well, the politicians either don't read websites or listen to their constituents as this morning Julia Gillard was voted back in by Caucus, 71 votes to Rudd's 31 votes.  Come the next election goodbye Labor.  It will be quite a while for the dust to settle on this.  Gillard has been touted as the country's worst ever Prime Minister.

If she doesn't go to an early election, which I very much doubt, we will have to put up with her for at least another 18 months.  Wonder what other mess she can get us into in the meantime!

                                                    taken from Adelaide Now website


  1. Good onyers for getting solar panels - that would have been next on our 'to do' list before we knew we were heading to another hemisphere.

    As for Rudd and Gillard, I'm just glad I voted Green and will continue to do so.

  2. Yeah, we can't wait for them to be connected now. I wanna see that meter running backwards...hahahahaha