Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Nanna And Poppa, You Are The Best!"

Sunday 5th February, 2012

Thursday and Friday the weather warmed up again, the temperatures got into the high 20's.  Yesterday it was warm and humid and this morning it is overcast and we have had some rain.

On Thursday night Bob, Robyn, Tony and I went up to Hahndorf and to the Old Mill for dinner and to see Adam Brand.  He is a well known country singer here in Australia who has won numerous Golden Guitars, CMC Most Popular Artist and various other awards.  For the past 18 months he has been living in Nashville, in the States, hoping to break into the American country scene.

I thoroughly enjoyed his concert.  Our table was close to the front and even though the music was loud, and our ears were ringing at the end it was great.  Just goes to show we are getting old......bwhahahahaha.  Like I said to someone the following day "Just as well it wasn't heavy metal."

During the week I had a phone call from Kahra telling me how they were in a dilemma this coming weekend.  Katie was due to come to us for the weekend, Kahra was going to a baby shower on Saturday arvo/evening and Katie's friend Maddi, well her mum had rung her and asked if Maddi could stay over on the Saturday night as they had made plans to go out.

I told her that Maddi was more than welcome to come and stay as well for the weekend, if her mother agreed to it.  Around an hour later I got a phone call from Katie, all excited.  "Guess what Nanna? Maddi's allowed to come to your place."  "Thankyou Nanna, you are the best!"

So, on Friday night at the usual time we went and picked up Katie and Maddi.  It was great to finally meet Maddi.  We have heard so much about her from Katie and she is her first real close friend.  They told me that they are like sisters.

Tony had booked us into the Hampstead Hotel for dinner, but not until 7.00pm.  He thought that I might have wanted to do some shopping first, but I said we would do it after dinner this time.  We went back into the city as I needed to go and pay our subscription for the Chemist.  The girls wanted to have a wander down the Mall.  When we came back to the car Katie asked Tony whether Maddi could go up to the 31st floor and walk around the edge of the building.  BTW it is covered in, just that there is a small ledge you can walk around in case a contractor needs access from that side.

She was quite impressed and was amazed to see swimming pools on some buildings roofs, gardens and other things.  She couldn't believe how high up she was and was even more amazed when we got to the car, in the basement, looked up and saw how high we really were.

On Saturday we had to hang around until midday as the contractor was coming around to confirm our roof measurements.  We have decided to go ahead and have solar panels put up.  Electricity prices here are going up and up all the time and so if we can cut down on the cost of our electricity we will.  He said that our house position in relation to North is just about perfect (7 degrees out) and our roof pitch is 0.4 degree out, which makes that practically perfect.  He is going to install 12 solar panels.

After he had been we had to go to the Village.  Katie had brought her school backpack with her and wanted to return it as the stitching had started to let go.  She had told me earlier in the week what had happened, and luckily I had still kept the receipt.  We returned it and she got to choose a Hurley backpack this time.  As it was cheaper than the Roxy, she also was able to get a necklace to make up the price difference.

We went off and had some lunch and then down to the swimming centre at Marion.  The girls and Tony spent around four hours in the water, swimming, playing around and jumping from the diving board.  I don't know what was wrong with Katie this time around, she wouldn't jump off the diving board the first few times.  When I asked her why she said her tummy hurt.  Hmmmm!  She was quite happy swimming in the deep pool and after awhile she tried the diving board again and success!  She had 3 jumps before they closed it off.  They also had 4 goes each on the water slides.

It was after 7pm when we left the swimming centre and so we called into Vili's for some dinner.  Maddi is not a very big eater of anything.  As I found out on Friday night she doesn't like vegies, fruit, meat, chicken.  She said her mum tries to make her eat some vegetables and she usually does when her mum makes stir fry.  She will eat meat patties as in a cheeseburger and the only fruit she likes is apples.

Last night the girls said that they wanted to go to the movies.  When we checked to see what was on the only movie they were prepared to go and see was "Alvin and The Chipmunks - Chipwrecked".  They said that they had already seen it but wanted to see it again.  I wasn't too keen.  Knowing Katie, she would be telling us what was going to happen next and with two of them in the movies, they would be talking and making noises.

So, I gave them a choice of what to do, movies, a dolphin cruise or the Zoo.  They both screamed the Zoo.  I made some sandwiches to take and we headed off.  It had been a few years since Maddi had been, way before the Pandas came she said.  They enjoyed looking at the animals, especially when we came across the monkeys and there was a little baby monkey who was clinging on to it's mum.  As we left the enclosure the parents of the baby were in a 'perspex house" and the interaction between the dad and the baby was a joy to watch.

We left the Zoo and still had about 45 minutes before we had to drop the girls off.  We took them to the playground so that they could use up some of their excess energy.  I think Maddi was having a too good a time and wasn't too thrilled about having to go back home but I told her that she was more than welcome to come again with Katie.  She was happy with that.

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