Monday, February 20, 2012

Monster Trucks, Bikes And Fireworks

Monday 20th February, 2012

We had another great weekend with Katie.  Kahra and Darrin dropped her off on Saturday morning as Friday night was the first Movie/Disco night at the Noarlunga Cinemas for the year and she wanted to go to it.  That was fine with us.

They came around 11.00am on Saturday morning and left shortly afterwards as Kahra said Darrin was 'on call'.  After they left we went to the shops so that I could get some cold meat for sandwiches.  We were going to the Monster Trucks at the Showgrounds.

I didn't realise how hot it was outside..........35 degrees they were prediciting.  We came back home and I made sandwiches to take with us, plus we took some bananas and nibbles and drinks.  Food and drink is so expensive at these type of events.

The event didn't start until 6.00pm, the gates opened at 4.00pm and you had to get there early to get a decent spot.  We left home just after 3.00pm and then lined up until the gates opened.  It had well and truly got to 35 degrees, maybe a tad hotter.  The organisers were so slow in getting people inside the grounds.  All bags had to be checked, no alcohol was allowed, and only one person was doing this.  Grrrrrr!!!

Once inside we saw that a row of chairs had been placed along the front of the grandstand.  This is where the people who bring their own chairs usually sit.  We were told by security that only one row of chairs was allowed and no chairs were to be put up on the lower section close to the fence.  If we wanted to we could sit on the steps or the benches.  We saw where we could upgrade to seats in a makeshift grandstand for $10 each.  Tony said let's do that. 

So we bought tickets for the "grandstand" and Tony ended up taking the chairs back to the car.  As he left he was asked why he was leaving and he told the gate staff that we weren't allowed to put up our chairs.  They immediately got on the phone and we noticed shortly afterwards people with their chairs sitting on the lower course near the fence and also another row was made behind the original chairs that had been put out.

Needless to say we were a little peeved but where we sat we had a great view and no-one came and stood in front of us.  That was a bonus.  The only downside was it was HOT, there was no breeze, but it didn't deter the thousands of spectators that had come out.

It was a great night.  Katie loves the Monster Trucks with Scooby Doo being her favourite.  The night had a couple of spills, two of the Monster Trucks rolled over, Taz and Monster Patrol.  Both drivers were OK.  Devil's Taxi, after four attempts, broke the world record for a wheelie for a Monster Truck.  He had to travel at least 81 metres on 2 wheels, he went 98 metres.  I don't know if it will be validated as you can only have three attempts, he did it on his fourth.

The aerial motor bike riders were awesome to watch.  They could do some great manouvres on their bikes. We were also entertained by the four wheeler bikes, demolition derby and this year they had 3 jet engine cars, 2 vans and a ute.  One of the vans, not only had a giant flame coming from behind but it also made smoke which sent a cloud over the whole arena. 

Fireworks finished off the night.  It wasn't a late night, the show finished around 9.30pm.  We took a drive down to  Henley Beach, had a coffee and walked along the jetty.  It was such a lovely night down by the water.

Sunday wasn't as hot as Saturday.  Katie wanted to go swimming.  On the way down to Marion we called into Port Adelaide to show Katie Captain Cook's boat, "Endeavour".  I knew that last year she had learned about him at school and she said they were learning about him again this year.  She and Tony ended up going on the "One and All" for a look.  That boat was built in South Australia by volunteers and the government has withdrawn its funding and so it has not sailed since last July.  We signed the petition for it to be up and running again.  


"One and All"

She was impressed with the boat and also with Captain Cook's.  If we weren't going swimming she said she would have liked to have gone on board. It was open to the public.  We got to Marion and she was happy. She had about an hour of swimming before she left to go home.  Not as long as she normally has but nonetheless long enough for me.  I think the heat of the weekend had drained me.

As we had to go and do some shopping today plus a few other things, Tony decided to go back to Port Adelaide and take a tour of "Endeavour".    By the time we got down to Port Adelaide it was close to 4.00pm and as this was the time they took the last tour on board he was lucky to get into the final group.

He was so glad he did as he found it very interesting.  He said it would have been no good for me as in places you had to crawl, and you had to sit down to listen to the tour guide as you couldn't stand up.  He said it was very confined.  Also I could see it "moving".  He said he didn't feel it while on board, but I saw those gang planks going in and out.  We are going back again on Saturday to see it sail out.  Hopefully they will have the sails up.

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