Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Wednesday 15th February, 2012

Yesterday was the day for lovers.  I trust you all had a happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you were all inundated with flowers, cards, and chocolates.
I kept checking the front door to see if bunches of flowers were left there for me, the fridge for boxes of chocolate to magically appear, and eagerly awaited the postman hoping for a card.   Nothing!

But I did get this.......

As you can tell, we aren't big on the Valentine's Day.  Way too over commercialised.  Just an "I love you" is all I need, rather than a bunch of flowers, chocolates or a card.  Oh, and Tony did cook a bar-b-que for dinner.

Once again we went and had a look at another boat.  This time it was the "Endeavour".  It is a replica of  Captain Cook's boat when he first came to Australia in 1788.  It is doing a sail around Australia and will be here for the next week.  You are able to go onboard to have a look around.  Tony said he would like to, so one day next week we are going to go back and do it.  The last time this boat was in Adelaide was in 2001.

I don't know what the sudden interest in boats is at the moment.  "Something" may be telling us that we might sail away.........

Today we went to Centrelink and Tony lodged his papers for him to receive the old age pension.  Reality has finally set in.
Even though we don't feel like we are senior citizens, we are.  Our age tells us we are. 

I am not eligible for a pension even if Tony is.  Instead, I have to go on a Newstart Allowance.  That means I have to go and look for a job.  Whaaaaaattttt!!!!!!!  The last time I worked full time was back in 1977. 

This is going to be fun.....NOT!  I have my interview with Centrelink next week.  Stay tuned!

From the Lens..............a rainbow exterior to a hotel in Port Adelaide

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