Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Of The Hot Weather.....Maybe

Sunday 26th February, 2012

We have had some pretty hot weather the last few days with the temperatures soaring into the 40's.  Could this be the last of our hot weather for the summer?

On Thursday I had my phone appointment with Centrelink.  Waste of time doing it over the phone as I still have to go in and see them.  They did make an appointment for me to go to a Job Search place though and so on Friday morning I had to attend there.

Hmmmmm I wonder what they will do for me?  They gave me some forms to fill in, which I did, and when they were perused by the consultant she had no idea what my previous occupations entailed.  I had to put down my High School qualifications.  I put Leaving.  She looked at that quizzically and then asked what does that mean. 

I told her that was how far I got in High School, in those days you could leave school either after Intermediate or Leaving or go on to do Matriculation but that was usually if you wanted to go to University.  I said that Leaving would be equivalent to Year 11 today.

Then I had to explain what sort of jobs I did, like when I worked at the winery it was mainly bookkeeping and ledger machinist.  When I worked for the PMG Department it was in telephone accounts and she couldn't comprehend that in those days you didn't make long distance calls yourself, you had to ring an operator and they dialled the number for you and connected you to whoever you wanted to speak to.
Each morning all the notices would come down and I would have to log them against the phone numbers so that they could be billed accordingly.  Any overdue accounts I authorised for the disconnection of their phone.

I last worked in 1977, way before the computer age.  Yes, I can surf the net and send an email but that is about all.  I have no idea how to use business programs and even though Tony has tried to get me to use a spreadsheet I have no interest in it.  She had a hard time in trying to think what I could be suitable for, maybe a job in Admin, receptionist or retail she thought.  Anyway they are going to set up another appointment for me in about a fortnight.

On Saturday we went down to Port Adelaide to see the "Endeavour" sail.  It was supposed to leave at 11am but it was closer to 11.30am before it left the wharf.  The "One and All" also sailed with it.  After it went through the bridge we headed off down Semaphore way as they said it might have its sails raised by the time it got to there.  We ended up going down to Outer Harbour to see it.  It took nearly 2 hours for it to get from Port Adelaide to Outer Harbour.

Fired the cannon

It was pretty hot sitting there waiting but this time I did remember to take the sunburn cream and hats.  It didn't raise its sails which was disappointing, maybe the breeze wasn't strong enough.

Fired the cannon again and "One and All" sailed back to Port Adelaide

We ended up having some lunch at Largs Bay and then took a drive down to Hallet Cove.  The temperature in the car said it was 40 degrees outside.  At least we were cool.

Today has been a quiet day.  We did go out and tidy up at the back.  It was mostly overcast and not too bad outside.  We had a sprinkling of rain late this afternoon, hardly enough to wet the ground.  They are forecasting more for tomorrow, let's hope we get a decent drop.

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