Monday, February 6, 2012

Growing Up Too Fast

Monday 6th February, 2012

It was great for Katie to have Maddi here over the weekend.  They kept each other occupied most of the time.  No squabbling between the two of them which makes for a much better weekend for me.  It ended up being a great weekend.

When walking through the mall on Friday night Katie came across this store that sells piercings.  She had been going on earlier about wanting a "stretcher" for her ear.  Not the real kind, these are fake.   NO WAY would I allow her to get the real thing!!!   She had some money of her own and so she bought herself one for $10.

We notice with Katie that whatever the other girls from school are doing/getting she wants to do the same.  So far we have convinced her not to put a colour in her hair, have false nails, or any other piercings other than in her ears.

Crikey, these girls are only 10/11 years old and Katie has told us that some of them are allowed to get their hair coloured, or have "false" nails.  Some have got their eyebrows pierced and/or lips and nose.  What are their parents thinking?

Luckily Maddi is not one of these girls and talking with her over the weekend it sounds as if she's not interested in any of those things.  Well, not at present anyway.  Hopefully some of Maddi can rub off onto Katie.

Like when we went shopping and the girls were looking at jewellery, Katie wanted this and that, but Maddi would look at the price and say "I'm not paying that for THAT!"  Katie would then think about it and say "Nah, me either."

On Saturday night after the pool I got the girls to have showers and wash their hair to get the chlorine out.  As Maddi's hair is quite thick I had to blow dry it off for her before she went to bed and while doing so I noticed she had a patch of grey (silver) hair.

I asked her about it and she said that when she was born she had a bruise or something and that's how she came to have it.  She said that she had been teased about it at school, and her hairdresser had even offered to colour it for her if it really bothered her, but she said it didn't worry her now as she was used to it.

She said if anyone says anything to her about it now her answer is "One day you'll have silver in your hair too."  Good response.

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