Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Does Anybody Care?

Wednesday 1st February, 2012

Jeepers, January has gone and so has the warm weather.  Yesterday and today the temperatures have been in the low 20's, I seriously considered putting on the heater last night.  It felt cold! 

I am outraged!  Obviously someone, I don't know who, has way too much time on their hands, sits in their plush office and comes up with the most ludicrous ideas.

This morning I woke up to the news that they (the government) are going to consider making Easter Sunday a 'normal' Sunday.  Whaaaaaat, did I hear right?

Now, I'm not a church goer but I did have a Christian upbringing and I believe that there are three days that are sacrosanct and should not be interfered with.  They are Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

I thought that the whole Christian teachings are based on the death of Christ and His resurrection.

For well over 100 years we have always had Easter Sunday as a public holiday, and over the years more and more businesses open on Easter Sunday resulting in their workers being paid penalty rates.  

I believe that they want Easter Sunday as a normal trading day so that businesses who choose to open on that day do not have to pay penalty rates.  Does this mean that we no longer have the Easter Monday as a holiday too?  No mention was made of that. 

Whenever Christmas Day/New Years Day falls on a Sunday, we have the Monday off as the holiday.

Now I know that today is the first of the month but I didn't think it was the 1st April for it to be an April Fools' Day joke.

There is a push to have the retail shops open on Public Holidays and so I think this may be the reason for it.  Like last week, Australia Day, a public holiday usually, the shops in the city opened for the first time.  The suburban shopping centres weren't allowed to open.  Then just after Christmas they allowed both the city and suburban shops to open on one of the public holidays.

They (the Retail Trade Asocciation) claimed that these days were a roaring success and it was what the public wanted.  I think it may be to cater for any tourists who are in town over these periods.

There hasn't been much of a public outcry to this announcement.  Maybe it's because no-one gives a damn!  They will when they realise that they won't get a four day holiday for Easter.

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