Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's Up With The Weather?

Tuesday 10th January, 2012

What's up with our topsy turvy weather? This time last week we were sweltering in 40 plus temperatures, today the temperature has dropped down to the low 20's. It is grey outside and we have had a few sprinkles of rain.  Overnight I lay listening to the rain, it came down quite steadily.

Not that I mind the rain.  It's great for the garden and whatever water falls from the sky means less what we have to water and pay for.  My ideal weather would be rain once a week during the night and the days warming to between 25-28C degrees.

We are constantly hearing about gobal warming.........is this it?  Are the weather patterns changing?  The northern hemisphere has not had much of a winter so far this year.  I remember last year lots of the USA were under snow and in some parts of the country they never have snow.  I read where some plants are coming up now and even roses have continued to bloom.

Our state of South Australia is facing a dilemma in the next few years.  Apparently General Motors Holden has warned that it may not continue to operate in this state after 2016.  Currently our Premier, Jay Weatherill, is in the USA to have talks with the bosses from GMH.

If this happens it will also have a flow on effect to lots of other businesses that have dealings with Holden.  Currently they build the Commodore and Cruze here.  Last year was the first time in 15 years that Commodore has been outsold by another car maker in this country.  The Mazda 3 outsold them.

Apparently GMH want the Government, both Federal and State, to pour money into them so that they can remain here.  I don't know what the answer is....I'm not an economist.  If, for 15 years they built the top selling car in this country, why do they need a bailout.  Is it because all the profit from the sales of these cars is going overseas?

All I know is that if Holden shuts up shop then this state is in dire straits.  So many of our workforce rely on Holden and it's associate businesses for employment.  Let's hope that a decision is made for the long term survival of GMH, but is bailing them out to the tune of $200 million the answer?

From the archive.........The Cruze

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