Sunday, January 1, 2012

What a Scorcher!

Sunday 1st January, 2012

Oh my! our plans for last night went out the window.  We had to go and fill our water bottles up and so we left home around 6.00pm thinking that we may as well get some dinner while we were out.  We thought that we would go to Vili's, but they were closed.  So, we headed down Anzac Highway and went to Cafe Primo.  The food was a bit overcooked but we ate it. 

We got home around 8.30pm and I was feeling tired.  Tony said he didn't feel like going into the city and so we decided to stay home.  Our first time staying home for around 15 years.  I fell asleep in front of the computer (lol) and Tony came in to wake me up around 11.30pm so that I could watch the fireworks from Sydney.  Seeing we are 30 minutes behind NSW time they didn't start here until midnight......and they were boring!!!  It's much better to see fireworks in real life not via TV.

We could hear a few going off around here but when I went outside to investigate I couldn't see any, just heard the bangs.  I don't know where people get the fireworks from as it's illegal here to set off your own.  You have to have a permit.

Shortly after, I went to bed..........real party animal that I am.  This morning I slept in until 11.10am.  It felt so good.  Seeing that I had been sick for most of the week it finally caught up with me, so a good sleep was what I needed.

I don't have any New Years resolutions.  I just take life as it comes, anyway the resolutions are usually broken the first few weeks into the New Year.

The temperature has hit the 41C mark and it's now our hottest New Years Day since 1900.  How can people go and sit on the beach in these temperatures?   Tomorrow's forecast is not much better....40C.

I don't know if he was having a go at us because we had no food for them or whether he was talking to his 'friends'

After dinner we thought we would take a drive down to the beach.  When we left home around 7.20pm the temperature was 40C.  Coming home, around 9.40pm, the temperature had dropped to 37C.  There was no sea breeze down by the water making it still very warm, and there were lots of people on the beaches and in the water.  We drove from Outer Harbour through to Henley Beach. 

Let's hope that there are no serious bushfires with this extreme heat.  SA is due for one, seeing all the other states have had them.  We'll keep our fingers crossed! 

From the Lens............sunset over the water

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