Friday, January 27, 2012

Tori Flies Back To Tasmania

Friday 27th January, 2012

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn and ended up going into work with Tony.  We drove in because I was going to the airport to see Tori off.   She was going back to Tasmania.

I decided that I wouldn't drive to the airport, instead I would catch the Jetbus (J1 or J2) to the airport.  It leaves from just outside Tony's work.

Her plane was due to fly out at 9.30am and so I caught the bus just before 8am.  I got to the airport around 8.15 but there was no sign of Jodi.  I rang her and she was still around 30 minutes away.  I rang Dianne's phone and they were just parking the car at Ikea and would walk over.

After I had gone through security, I was taken to one side and asked to submit to an explosives test.  Fair I look like the type to make a bomb?  Anyway I know they're just doing their job so that was fine with me.  BTW no residue was found on my bag or person.

Tori finally arrived at 8.45.  She got her boarding pass and the plane was ready to depart on time. 

After Tori left, the others were going over to Ikea for breakfast and shopping. I didn't want to go so I decided to catch the bus back into the city.  As I walked out the doors the J2 bus came along but I didn't feel like running for it.  Shortly afterwards another bus came along and I swear it had J1 on the back.

I got on board, some other people came along and asked if it was going into the city, the driver said "No".  I thought, that's OK I'll go for a "tour" because it would either be going to Harbour Town or down to Glenelg and then coming back to go into the city.  Plus it was too hot to sit and wait for another bus, not knowing how long one would be.

Off we went.  The bus didn't turn off to go to Glenelg or Harbour Town.  I thought that perhaps they changed their route. It turned left into Henley Beach Road and shortly afterwards turned right into some other street.  I had no idea where we were. 

We were going along, I was looking for places that I might know when we came to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Port Road.  Turned left up the Port Road and I thought maybe we would end up in Port Adelaide.  Nope, we finally ended up at West Lakes.  Everyone got off and so I asked the driver if he was going into the city.  "No," he said "My shift is finished and I'm going home".

I got off too and luckily there was another bus waiting, that was going into the city and so I caught that.  What should have been a 15 minute ride from the airport to the city ended up being around 90 minutes.

When I got back to Tony's work we had a good laugh about it.  It has always been my fear with catching public transport, that I would end up on a wrong bus.  Well today my fear was realised and it wasn't as bad as I feared.

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