Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tuesday 24th January, 2012

On Saturday while Tony was working in the garden I decided that the pot plant that was standing on the drive at the corner of the fence was no longer needed.  I was scared that when I reversed out of the garage I would side swipe the car with it being there.

Yes, we have got reverse sensors on the car, but once you are past an object they don't beep anymore.  We couldn't park the car on the driveway and open the back passenger door because it would hit this pot plant.  So, I decided, it had to go.

Tony lifted it up and then got me to help him to lift it to the top of the green's bin, and then we were going to tip the plant into the bin.  Well, we got the pot to the top of the bin and then it slipped out of my hands and cut my little finger.  Blood was dripping everywhere.  Tony went and got a bandage for me.  We also used some paw paw ointment.

It is healing nicely, but my poor finger is bruised.

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  1. Jeepers, that looks very, very painful! I hope that means that doing the dishes, making dinner and vaccuuming are off limits to you right now? :)