Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not Used To This Much Stress

Sunday 15th January, 2012

Friday evening saw us go and pick up Katie.  Geez, the last three weeks seemed to have gone by so slow and it felt like ages since we had last seen her.

We had to go back into work as Tony had left his mobile phone behind and then we went off to Vilis for some dinner.  Katie has a new favourite there.....marinated chicken.

Katie asked if she was going to see Taylor over the weekend.  I said I didn't think so.  She wanted to know what we were going to do for the weekend.  I said maybe a movie and the pool.   She wanted to know if Taylor could come to the movies with us.  I said no, she got whiney and so I said seeing that it's been so long since we last saw her Nanna and Poppa just wanted to spend some time with her.  We would see about Sunday and she was happy with that.

On Saturday morning we decided to go and see "We Bought A Zoo".  Firstly Katie wanted to go and look at a new school bag.  Last night we got her a new dress and she wanted to wear it today.  When she got in the car she  said, "Now, I feel like I really am in a limo with my new dress on". 

We called into the Village and she decided on a Roxy backpack.  Happy with that we went onto the Plaza and she wanted a protective screen put onto her IPod touch.  Then it was time for the movie.......12.20pm. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed the movie, even Tony.  I found it quite emotional, even Katie said she was upset when the boy and his dad were arguing.  I liked it much better than "War Horse". 

After the movie finished we went and had some lunch and a coffee and then went to Office Works to get Katie some stationary for school.  Holidays are finished in two weeks.  She was excited with her new backpack and her pens, pencils. rulers etc.  She said she is all ready for school now and can't wait.  This year she goes intoYear 5.

We called in home, dropped off the shopping and sat around deciding what to do for dinner.  We decided to go down to the beach.  As we were crossing the bridge over the Port River Tony's mobile rang.  It was Jodi asking us where we were and what were we doing.  I told her we were heading to the beach to have some dinner. 

She asked whether they could come too and if we had Katie would it be OK for Taylor to stay the night.  Apparently arrangements had been made for Taylor to go to Jodi's cousin, Rachel's for the night.  Due to whatever, those arrangemnets went out the window and Taylor was upset and so Jodi rang to see if it was alright for her to come over.

We headed on down to Semaphore and waited for them to come.  We didn't have to wait long and they arrived.  There were people everywhere.  Seeing it was a nice evening weather wise plenty of people were out and about.  There was also a Greek festival on the foreshore plus the usual carnival rides.  The girls wanted a ride so they had one on Ali Baba and then we went to find something to eat.  Jodi made Troy go on with them.

We walked up Semaphore Road and came across a pizza restaurant.  Jodi and Troy decided on that, which was alright with us.  Never again.....the worst pizza we have ever eaten.  Lucky I didn't get the name of it otherwise I would out them here.  The base of the pizza was raw, still doughy, and the only taste to it was some herb they used.  YUK! YUK! YUK!

Jodi and Troy had a seafood pizza and Tony said the smell of it turned his stomach.  They weren't impressed either.  Normally Jodi would go and complain about the food but they just left it.  We all vowed never to go back.

We walked back down to the beach and out along the jetty.  There were crabs and some Tommy Ruffs being caught.  It was starting to get really cool and so we headed back to shore.  The girls had another ride and then we decided to go back to the car and head home.  By now it was getting on for 10 o'clock. 

When we got home the girls went straight to bed and were asleep shortly after.  I was sure that Jodi said she would come around about 10am to pick up Taylor.  Anyway she didn't come but Troy rang closer to midday to say they would be over shortly to pick her up.  Taylor spoke to him and as Katie had already told her that we were going to the pool, she wanted to come as well.

Yes, she could go and she was so happy.  We had to call in on the way to get her bathers and then went down to Marion.  They were happy to be in the water together at first but when Katie wanted to go and swim in the deep pool and jump off the diving board, Taylor couldn't understand why she couldn't as well.  Trying to explain to her made no difference.  Tony let her get into the 3metre deep pool and hold onto the sides.  He stayed with her.  She was happy with that but realised it wasn't much fun after a while.  She didn't like it that she couldn't touch the bottom.

Katie then wanted to go on the water slide.  So did Taylor.  I wouldn't let her.  She thought that because she was the right height she should be able to.  But you also had to be at least 10 years of age.......she's 7, can't swim and would have no idea how to get to the surface after coming out of the slide.  She was happy to wait for Katie but soon realised that it wasn't much fun as you couldn't see too much.

Back to the kiddies pool she went and was quite happy "swimming" by herself.  Whether she was in a "mood" because Katie could do things she wasn't able to do, I don't know.  She didn't seem to swim with Katie too much after that.

At one point we saw Taylor go over and talk to the lifeguard.  She told him she couldn't find Katie.  She, Katie, was "hiding" from her.   OMG when the lifeguard called in another lifeguard to report a child "missing" Tony went over to Taylor and told her where Katie was and had to apologise to the lifeguards.  I could just imagine an alert being put out for Katie. 

I was never more happy to see Kahra and Darrin when they came.  I must say it wasn't a great time at the pool.  After saying bye to Katie we headed off to drop Taylor home.  She fell asleep and slept most of the way back to her place. 

It was so good when we got home.......peace!  Katie and Taylor love each other and love seeing each other but a couple of hours is long enough for them to be together.  This morning there was lots of bickering between the two of them.   Even in the car they argued over the songs they wanted to hear or sing to.  Grrr...... what a stressful day! 

Happier times during the day..........

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