Monday, January 2, 2012

The Heat Continues

Monday 2nd January, 2012

Today is another scorcher of a day!  This morning Tony cleaned out the fish pond, a job that was supposed to have been done back in October.  Time just seemed to have got away.

After he finished cleaning the pond he had to go into work AGAIN.  The chiller keeps going into alarm and he has to go in to reset the switch, even though he can log in to work from home and check the running of it.  They are going through an upgrade of their chillers and with only one working at the moment it has trouble keeping up with this hot weather.  Even though today was a public holiday there are always people who work in the building, regardless of what day it is, and call for air conditioning.

After we had been in there we decided to go out to Virginia Nursery.  The outside temperature was showing 40 degrees C but the car kept us cool.  The council has "closed" down their Pet Shop that they had and also want to shut their gift shop and kitchenware shop that is within the Nursery.  We signed the petition that they had requesting to keep these shops open and also to re-open the pet shop.  They also have Doncho's cafe but that looks like it can remain open.

Not all people want to go out there and buy plants.  It was nice to go and look at the animals in the pet shop and also to browse in the other two shops.  That is where we used to get our fish from for the pond.  What the Council doesn't seem to think about is the extra revenue that is brought to the area with people calling into the local hotel and the local shopping centre.

We bought a couple of water plants and had a coffee.  We came back to Parafield and got ourselves some fish.  We now have five.  We were down to two fish and one of them was quite aggressive, always chasing the other one away especially when we fed them.  We bought a small tank as we were told to separate it when it became aggressive.  It may have worked.  When we put it in with the other fish it didn't seem to bother with them. 

Looking forward to tomorrow.....we are supposed to have a cool change, expected temperature 37C and we may get some rain.  I won't hold my breath......for the rain.

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