Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New Year

Saturday 28th January, 2012

This morning Tony and I took a trip into town and to the Central Market where they were having celebrations for Chinese New Year.

It was so hot and humid and there were lots of people crowded into a small area that they call Chinatown.  The street was closed off to traffic as they had a lot of food stalls and other variety stalls.  A stage was set up at one end where Chinese performers performed.  There was lots of  singing, dancing, instrument playing and firecrackers.

The thing I had come to see was the Lion Dance.  I don't think they performed the traditional Lion Dance as they were restricted for space, but I loved it anyway.

I don't know what this instrument is called but it's sound was so haunting.....beautiful!

The Chinese Association had brought out a Chinese man who makes figurines out of dough.  Because it was so hot and the dough would have dried too quickly he wasn't demonstrating his skill on the occasions we walked past.  There was also caligraphy writing in Chinese that you could try plus making a chinese lantern or a fish from a cardboard 'box'.

I bought these two figurines, so much detail has gone into them and in Chinese folklore they represent "Longevity".

We tried some traditional Chinese food that they sell on the streets in China, it was like jelly rolled in crushed peanuts.  Very sweet!  We didn't stay very long as it was too hot.  The Central Market itself was very busy too.  We ended up going back into the suburbs to do some shopping although we did get some Dutch 'Taai Taai' biscuits and  'Pepernoten'.

From the Lens.............

Good Luck!

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