Monday, December 5, 2011

We're Not Going To Brisbane

Monday 5th December, 2011

After our trip yesterday I feel so tired today.  We weren't home late either, around 8.15pm.

Tony rang to say that Brett had rung him this morning to see if Tony was still interested in the job offer and what he thought of the apartments/units that he had emailed to us last Thursday.  They weren't really what we would have looked for if we were up there.  Brett told Tony that we would only have to be in them for a couple of months and then we could go and look for something better for ourselves.

He was also going to fly us up there this Friday for the weekend.  Tony got the impression that if we went and found our own apartment/unit we would have to pay the rent ourselves.  We weren't prepared to do that.

Tony declined the offer.  He said it was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders as over the last week he hadn't slept much due to worrying about whether to take the job or not.  Brett was disappointed with Tony's decision as he said he really wanted him.  Brett's company had been very impressed with him when he worked for them previously.  Apparently there are other buildings, that once completed, Brett's company have got the management rights to.  I hope they don't offer Tony a job to manage one of these.

An example of one of the units they offered us.........


and they call this a kitchen

When we were looking at apartments we noticed the photos that they showed weren't very good.  They didn't really show you what was in them and the floor plan didn't give any measurements so you couldn't get a feel for the space of the place.  This unit had only that area above for the kitchen.  Where does your pots and pans, crockery etc go and food????  Not for me!!!!

The floorplan

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