Monday, December 12, 2011

We Picked Up Our New Car

Monday 12th December, 2011

Last Friday was pick up the new car day.  I was so excited!  I caught the bus into town, met up with Tony and we went and had some lunch.  James, the salesman, had offered to come and pick us up at 3.00pm and take us to the car yard.  He was right on time.

The car looked great!!  I was a bit worried about the colour as I couldn't remember what it was.  I thought it may have been a light silver but the colour was perfect........'aluminium sky'.  It is a darker silver colour.  Love it!!!

James went through all the buttons and dials on the dashboard and steering wheel.  Oh my god, there was so much to remember.  Gone are the days when the instrument panel just showed the speedo, odometer, fuel and temperature gauges.  This car even talks to you and will make a phone call for you! 

After we paid for it, signed the papers, made an appointment for the first service, we were on our way.  We headed for Semaphore and the beach so that we could find a quiet place to park and get used to some of the controls.  Tony said that it was great to drive.  He said we would have to watch our speed as it was so responsive.  It does have a speed alarm but as we found out over the weekend it's going off all the time....hahahahaha.

By the time we headed for home it was getting on dusk and so we decided to go home via the northern expressway.  Here, we could check out the lights, mainly the high beam.  With the lights on, the dashboard and steering wheel light up like a plane's cockpit.  Love it!!!

On Saturday morning we were out early.  While making the coffee our brand new coffee machine was making weird noises and so we thought we would take it back to where we got it from.  They were surprised when we told them the problem but offered to change it over. 

As we had to go up to Hahndorf we thought we may as well go and get some more cherries.  I rang Robyn and Bob, but Robyn was working all day.  They couldn't go on Sunday as they were going to a Christmas lunch, so Bob said to get them some cherries as well.

We went back home to drop off the coffee machine and some shopping and then headed off to Hahndorf.   I picked up some cleaning product that I had ordered, and as we didn't want to wander the street, we went off to Kenton Valley and the cherry farm.  Here, we sat and had a coffee and some scones and got our cherries.  It was then back to Gumeracha and Foreston where we called into another cherry farm and got some more.  We then went to Robyn and Bob's to drop off their cherries.  Robyn was still not home from work and so we hung around until she came home. 

As they had to go out, we left.  We didn't make any firm plans for Christmas Day until we find out what the weather is going to be like, Robyn said she heard it was gonna be hot.  As I'm typing this I just heard that the temperature for Christmas Day is going to be somewhere around 27C.  If that is so then that is perfect!

On the way home Tony got a phone call to say that an alarm had come up at work and so we had to go into work so that he could turn off the alarm and reset the chillers.  I didn't mind, I got to drive around in the car some more.

On Sunday we decided to go into the city and finish off our Christmas shopping.   I got to drive the car.  It was so different to driving the Pulsar.  I suppose I'll get used to it.... LOL  As we didn't have Katie for the weekend, we thought it a good time to go and pick up her layby.  It wasn't as busy in the city as I expected.  We got everything done that we wanted.

After dinner and when it started to get dark we went for a drive to have a look at some Christmas lights.  We noticed that more people seem to have put up lights this year.  With the trend for a lot of people putting in solar power perhaps this was the reason why........cheaper electricity.  I keep saying every year that we must put up some lights and never do.....maybe next year we will!!!

From the in the mall

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