Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seven Days 'Til Christmas

Sunday 18th December, 2011

What a weekend!  Where has summer gone?  We didn't see much sun during the weekend, on Saturday it was wet and today has been overcast with showers most of the day.  To think, Christmas Day is one week away, geez I hope the weather makes a dramatic improvement before then.

On Friday we had to go and pick Katie up.  I hadn't told her that we had a new car, and so Tony and I got there a little early.  It was funny to see them driving around looking for our 'old' car.  We ended up getting out of our car and as they drove past Katie's face said it all.....the look of surprise and her mouth wide open.

She gave it the tick of approval and said it was much better than the old car.  She was excited to ride in it and kept saying she felt like she was in a limousine.  After getting her we headed back into the city to do some last minute shopping, had some dinner and decided to go up to Lobethal to look at the Christmas lights.

The town of Lobethal is in the hills and nestled in a valley.  At least 90% of the residents have Christmas lights strung up around their house and so when you first drive in to the town it's like coming into a fairyland village.  We drove around a few of the streets looking at the decorations and lights and then stopped in the main street and went for a wander.  There were hundreds of people everywhere.  We would have liked to have seen the Nativity but by the time we made our way there it was finished.

On the way home, as we were coming up McIntyre Road, the traffic was at a standhill.  We waited for more than half an hour before the traffic started moving.  Closer to the top of the hill there had been a major crash blocking off both lanes.  It looked serious but we didn't hear anything on the radio about it.

Saturday we had to go and stock up the pantry.  I just had enough food for breakfast and that was it.  When we finished Katie wanted to go driving in the car.  We decided to go down to Victor Harbor.  The weather wasn't any better down there.  They were having their Christmas Pageant at 6.30pm but we decided not to stop to have a look.  The skies were getting very dark and so we started to head back.  Just outside the town the heavens opened and down came the rain.

It was so heavy we couldn't see past the bonnet of the car.  Tony slowed right down but you always have idiots on the road.   These idiot drivers were overtaking us with minimal visibility and were soon out of sight.  No wonder there are crashes, they just ignore all the warnings that are given out by the police and road traffic authorities.  

On the way home we took Katie to see some more Christmas lights at a couple of  houses that we usually go to. With all the rain we had I didn't think they would have been turned on, but they were. 

Today has been a lazy day.  This morning Tony got out the Christmas tree and Katie and him have been decorating it.  In past years I have always got out the optic fibre tree, but this year we got a large tree.  It was one of three that had been left behind when the coffee shop owners walked out of their premises earlier in the year.  It came with decorations too, I took the green ones.

The tree looks great!  Now Katie can't wait for Sunday.  She said at least Santa will know where to put the presents this year.

I cooked some lunch and about 4.00pm we will head out and drop Katie off.  She will be back again on Friday.

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