Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ipad, Girls And Animals

Sunday 30th October, 2011

It was somewhere near 11.00am before Katie got out of bed yesterday morning.  At least she had no after effects from the night before.....she said she was feeling good.  

Katie didn't know what she wanted to do for the afternoon, we checked out the movies but there was nothing showing that she wanted to go and see.  After she had brunch, we had showers and got dressed.   Tony thought he might go and have a haircut so while he was doing that Katie and I went girl shopping.

We met up with Tony and decided to go down to the Gepps Cross Homemaker Centre.  We want to replace the oven and hotplates and so we thought we would go and see what was available.  We went to the Good Guys first, and seeing I hate, absolutely hate stainless steel appliances there's not much available in white.

We got some brochures with the measurements of the appliances, unfortunately it doesn't look as if it will be a complete swap, looks like some cutting out and filling in will have to be done, we then went off and had a look at the IPod's.  Katie has decided she wants an IPod touch for Christmas.

They were having a sale on all Apple products and after not too much convincing we ended up buying an IPad.  It was something we had been thinking about for awhile.  Katie was excited, "at least Nanna, you'll be able to get some of my favourite books on the IPad, and I'll be able to read them when we go on long drives," she said.

Soon after we got home Jodi came by with Taylor and Tanecia.  She said that they had already had dinner.  She had cooked Beef Olives, but Taylor told Jodi they weren't as good as Judy's, hehehehehe, and so she said she was still hungry. 

I hadn't bothered getting anything for dinner for us as I didn't know if Jodi would have fed Taylor.   When Jodi left we went off to Fasta Pasta for dinner.  After we came back home we got the girls ready for bed.   It wasn't long before they were asleep.

Sunday morning the girls slept in.  Normally when Taylor sleeps over they are up at the crack of dawn, but this morning it was after 7.30am before they got up.  Tony and I were up before them.

They wanted to go swimming but with the temperature only supposed to get to 19 degrees I didn't think that was a good idea.  Plus it was quite breezy as well. 

In the end it was decided we would go to Monarto Zoo.  Thank goodness for the IPad.  I had downloaded some games, some books and the movie "Rio".  The girls were kept occupied for the trip up and back.

We went and saw the chimps, the wallabies, the meerkats and now they have tortoises in the same enclosure as the meerkats, caught the bus and got off at the rhino enclosure and walked up to hear the cheetah talk.   That was running late and we had to leave soon after it started as we wanted to catch the bus to go to the lions.  We ended up deciding not to go and see the lions as time was getting on and we said we would drop Katie off at 5.00pm.

The baby rhino we saw several months ago has grown.  There were some baby ostriches, only hatched a week ago, and a baby bison.  They also think there may be some more baby cheetahs on the way, but won't know until they are actually born. 

The girls had a great time.  We ended up dropping Katie off at around 5.00pm and then Taylor.  Tony and I came home, had dinner and decided we might have an early night ourselves. 

Yeah was still after 10.30pm before we went off to bed.

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