Monday, October 3, 2011

Long Weekend

Monday 3rd October, 2011

We have just had a long weekend in South Australia......Labour Day weekend.  This was our last long weekend until Christmas.  The weather was sensational, especially yesterday and today. The days were sunny, warm with little or no wind and temperatures in the low 20's.

We didn't have Katie for the weekend and so that allowed us to do some things we wanted to do.  On Saturday, after a slow start, we went up to Gawler and called into Robyn and Bob's.  Robyn wasn't home, she had gone out to lunch with some of the girls she works with.  Bob was there, he said he would ring Robyn to see how much longer she was going to be.  We wanted to go into Gawler shopping centre so we told him we would be back in around half an hour.

The shop I wanted to go to had closed for the day and so we decided to go to Vadoulis Nursery.  We haven't been there in years.   They have a nice gift shop and cafe.  While there we bought these cute birdies and also a windmill weather station.

We went back to Robyn and Bobs' and had a nice visit.  On our way out to Gawler earlier we called into Munno Para shopping centre to get some salad things (tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, ham) for dinner.  After we left Robyns' we didn't feel like going home and making salad so we headed off to Two Wells and the Empire Cafe.  

When we went previously for lunch, we promised to go back and try their pizzas.  Tonight was the night.  We ordered a Romano with pineapple but they ended up giving us a Ham and Pineapple.  Never mind, we loved it.  Instead of shredded ham they used real pieces of ham.

2.00am Sunday morning was also the start of daylight saving.  Yippeeeeee!!!  I love it!

On Sunday we thought we would take a drive up to Hahndorf.  They were having a Doodle and Dawdle weekend, plus for the first time ever a Yarn Bombing.  We got there just after lunch and slowly walked down the entire main street.  While wandering we met up with Svetlana, we used to go out to dinner with her and her partner, Denys, some 9 or 10 years ago.  When they split up and Denys went to Queensland we no longer kept in touch. 

I was surprised she remembered us.  She said she recognised Tony first.  Still, it was nice to have a chat with her.  I got some more Supre (cleaning product) and ordered another 5 litres plus we aso bought a new wall clock.  Years ago when Tony's mum was alive, she used to regularly go back to Holland and one time she brought us back a Dutch clock.  Imagine our surprise when we saw one in the the store priced at $1100.

We were disappointed with the Yarn bombing, but since it was their first year it can only get better, hopefully.  Plenty of kids and adults took advantage of the opportunity to doodle on the footpath though. 

Monday morning Tony had to go into alarms and burglar alarms were going off!  My body was still getting used to the time difference.  Only an hour but it does make a difference.  I think the first week is the hardest when daylight saving starts,  why is it when it ends it's much easier to adjust?

In the afternoon we went out and cleaned up out the back again!  After the strong winds from the last couple of weeks it was a mess with all the leaves.  While Tony was working around the back garden he spied a stumpy tailed lizard sunning itself.  Maybe it's the one that was around last year.

From the Lens............

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